Back Pain Relief

Neck And Back Pain Medication

Neck And Back Pain Medication

Sheila Fink had hoped the sharp pain in her neck was stress-related and would subside once she retired, but heat packs and pain. Medication did nothing to relieve her constant agony. It was just there all the time, and even you know through the night it would just be nights. There were some nights, I couldn’t sleep Sheila’s primary care physician sent her to dr. Darrell Robinson and the Community Hospital Pain Center for testing. Her primary problem is at C 4 or 5 and C 5/6. The small discs are degenerative. How are your Neck And Back Pain Medication today? Sheila had several options, including epidural steroid injections or major back surgery, but this specialist suggested a relatively unheard of method called radiofrequency ablation, but I found a lot of patients that don’t respond to those and get a great result with this procedure. Here’s how it works, dr

Back painRobinson that he had saved my life and helped me to be where I can go ahead and enjoy my retirement enjoy Mike the things that I enjoy doing he’ll stay right with you. If you’ll do what he tells you to do and you’ll be without Neck And Back Pain Medication, also

Robinson identifies the area causing the chronic pain with the use of a special generator heat. Energy is delivered with precision to target nerves that carry those pain, impulses burning. The nerve creates a roadblock to the brain. The Neck And Back Pain Medication outcome is like a miracle: no more pain, RF ablation can provide longer pain, relief than simple injections or traditional nerve blocks.

The relief could last indefinitely. Frequently, though, we have to repeat the procedure are roughly a year, the intervals, because the the nerve does have the ability to heal and, in some instances,  symptoms, return.

Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure and, unlike surgery, doesn’t require months of healing or rehabilitation. The beauty of this procedure is that we’re able to decrease her pain in a much more benign fashion, so she could avoid a conventional two-level. Cervical fusion, Sheila Fink is finally pain-free and eager to enjoy her retirement.

She’s grateful to dr. Robinson and a staff of Community Hospital’s pain Center for giving her her life back kind of right in the doctor’s office. The other day when I was here in thanking Neck And Back Pain Medication Relief…

Neck And Back Pain Medication

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