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Headache Or Neck Pain Suffering

Hey, there this is Dr. Isaac coming at you from the PainFree Maverick Always bringing you maverick solutions to help you eliminate your pain on your own, and today in this video I want to talk about Tech Neck. Could tech neck be the cause of your headache pain or your neck pain? from sitting too long at your computer your Laptop’s your iPads or your phones. Let’s discuss this today in this video I’m gonna show you how you can help yourself avoid Tech Neck Headache or Neck Pain Suffering Let’s talk about the neck right here this is the thoracic spine and The neck attachment right over here Now if you look over here This is your middle back and this is your skull bones right over here and I removed the top of the skull to show you the brain so you can understand the anatomy and this is very important because it’s going to explain to you exactly how technic happens now you could see how the blue bone sits on top of the first white bone, which is the first rib area and the Cervical vertebrae the neck bones.

Okay. Now you could see how straight everything is when you’re in an upright position with good posture, but can you imagine as you look down on your phone or your laptop? for hours and hours and hours What happens over here you get a stretch to the back of these skull bone muscles and these wires these yellow wires Which I’m going to show you right now These yellow wires which are the peripheral nerves or what they call nerve endings. Headache or Neck Pain Suffering They attach between bone and muscle to send electrical signals up and down the head and into the middle of the back now the head is about He’s about 12 pounds or so. It’s like a bowling ball Okay, now imagine that bowling ball over time not sitting straight down the center and it kind of teeters forward Can you imagine the strain of all the muscles in the back of your skull right over here having to hold up that bowling ball?

Well Headache or Neck Pain Suffering, that’s exactly what Tech Neck is. It’s bad posturing because we sit for probably six hours of our day we don’t even realize it especially now that we’re working from home and a lot of these muscles in the back over here are called the erector spinae And you have the rhomboid muscles in the middle traps all the anatomy all these tissues over here have nerve endings in them and you can imagine nerves or wires and it can get stretched and pulled and when they get pulled they get squeezed and that squeeze sends a signal up to the brain and the brain processes it as Protection go ahead and protect.

And it creates a spasm and that spasm sets off Muscle tension and you feel like knots in their trigger points Which are bumpy areas around the muscles where you feel like when you press in your neck It feels like you want to jump. Now I’m going to show you right now Exactly a tool that can help you. You can get this tool anywhere.

Headache or Neck Pain Suffering

You can buy it I think on Amazon for a few bucks It’s one of my favorite tools that can help you Self adjust your tech neck and then after that after you improve your mobility I’m then going to show you how to increase the stability or the strength of the muscles of the upper back So very simple exercises. Now the first one I want to show you is I’m gonna grab this tool right over here and This is called a mobility band and this is the one I was telling you you could pick up on Amazon For a few but I think it’s like 18 bucks or something like that It’s a thick band and you can unravel it You can use this for many many things and what you do with this one is you put it behind the area where you have the most Discomfort, okay So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna unravel it and I’m gonna put it right behind This area right here in my upper back.

You can see that right there. I’m gonna turn around and show you See that and what I’m doing is I’m pointing it up to the ceiling in that direction and as I point it up I tuck my chin and lean back with that and That feels so good right here. So what I am doing, I’m actually pulling on the nerve endings on my upper back now It’s better to do this without A shirt on so it’s right on the skin because really what it does is if you look at this rubber band it has the ability to Pull and it kind of slides up and down the skin.

You can see how it’s sliding up the skin So if you put it on your middle back or any part of your skin it’s actually going to pull those nerve endings up towards the ceiling and it’s gonna feel like Someone’s fingers is actually massaging You’re stretching the tissue now right underneath that the skin is the nerve endings that Connect into what they call the fascia and I can show you over here on the model Right here Those nerves sit right under this red area right over here You probably know what fascia is because you’ve eaten chicken before right? I mean if you know, if you’re vegetarian, you’ve seen chicken and you rip off the skin and then you have that clear Covering on the meat and if you peel it off it looks like cellophane paper and it’s very very thin but that’s what holds those nerve endings in place and those nerve endings are the Pain fibers that can send pain up and down into the spinal cord and create a painful Feeling that you may have so with tech neck A lot of people will say I have tension in my neck And I feel like I have to kind of pop it or I can’t I feel like I have to constantly turn my neck side To side nothing makes me comfortable or they’ll also say something like it goes into my eye right above my eyeball.

I feel like tension or something is squeezing on the top of my head and they’re like pulling in the back of my skull It can cause that same kind of feeling of a tension headache now and the treatment is that you have to improve Headache or Neck Pain Suffering like I said the structure neuro structure meaning nerve and Structure where the bones and the nerves meet between the bones of the spine Which I showed you on the model before so you could put this anywhere That you feel the pressure another place you could put it is on the bottom of your skull Right over here If you’re having a headache and as you can see over here I just wrapped it behind the back of my skull bones over here or you can see over here and over here and What I’m doing is I’m basically grabbing the tissue pointing this in an up upward direction to the ceiling and I’m basically Nodding my chin in like that like almost bringing my chin to my throat simple and I just repeat that about 10 times.

I can show you on the side and I’m also going to do little rotations left and right so turning my head tuck Bringing my chin to my throat and then turning left and right. This is a wonderful tool I highly recommend that you pick it up. I think it’s called a voodoo floss band or our edge mobility band You can pick these up online On Amazon and do so many different exercises a lot of my videos demonstrate the use of the mobility band So I would highly recommend you get this now if you like this Headache or Neck Pain Suffering video and you feel like it helped you with Tech neck and you feel like you want more of this information I would love to have a conversation with you you go ahead and subscribe to my channel share It hit the bell below so that when more videos come up looking forward to giving you my next video Which is going to be about headache pain and what you can do to relieve it using self-adjustments with your fingers.

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Headache Or Neck Pain Suffering

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