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Stop Your Low Back PainOK, severe lower back pain, 15min movie of a Japanese medical doctor, when you suffer from a pulled lower back muscle with an unknown cause. Your severe pain is simply caused by a misunderstanding of your brain, so you can easily stop it. This is a model of a human skeleton. The backbones look like this, and here are the lumbar vertebrae. The lower back consists of five lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum. Let’S imagine that you slightly sprained this joint. This might happen when you live something heavy. The spine is bent down like this causing pain.

The human body subconsciously reacts to pain by tensing muscles. In this case, the back muscles become tense. The problem is tensing. The back muscles cause the lumbar vertebrae to bend this compresses the strained joint and increases the pain. This pain causes you to mistakenly tense the back muscles yet again, which in turn causes the lumbar vertebra to bend further tensing. The back muscles not only affects the original joint but also compresses the surrounding joints, resulting in pain across the entire lower back.

This is a vicious cycle. It eventually leads to severe lower back pain. The cause of this type of severe lower back pain is over tensing of back muscles. Do a valve in Odessa, Coronado de Contas, Chiodo, Hideki, Reba Tamio advocate a guinea, not nervous. A question cannot achieve any American jokes is taking us. Instead of bending backward like this. When you stand, try to keep your back bent slightly forward, it’s a good idea to seek help from another person. Try not to use objects such as tables when you stand up also avoid pushing down on your knees when you sit subconsciously using your hands in this way actually helps to activate your back muscles. Believe Allah has made us all sit on the edge of the seat. Only use the front half of a seat like this sit with your knees. Shoulder-Width apart, hang your hands by your side and relax your arms as much as possible.

Next, bring your toes back towards the point of your needs. Your toes slightly outwards. Your upper body center of gravity will move forward and relax your back muscles a little then Lie on your back with your knees, bent start by pulling your knees up towards your chest. Then, have someone hold your knees in place and try hard to pull your knees up again, you may feel your shoulders and scapula rise. That is due to the psoas muscles feel the inside of the hip bone at this time. It is the only place the psoas muscles can be felt if this area feels tense, the psoas muscles are being utilized and pulling up the lumbar vertebrae. Why do the vertebrae lift up? The brain is programmed to use the psoas muscles to bend the body at the hip joint so when the knees are stable, the back moves. That is why the psoas muscles are engaged when you pull your knees up to your chest.

The hip, joint, and vertebrae are designed so that, if one is fixed, the other will move. So if you fix your knees in place and try to pull them up, the psoas muscles will be engaged and force the vertebrae to rise up while firmly pulling your lower abdomen inward feel the severe lower back pain. The psoas muscles engage now fix your knees in place and try pulling them up repeating this movement several times should give you a good idea of how the psoas muscles work. If you feel other muscles being tensed, unnecessarily release the knees and practice pulling your legs up. Then fix the knees in place again and try raising them to repeat this process until you can feel the psoas muscles working in this manner. You can lift up the vertebrae using your psoas muscles. Repetitive, training is the only way to achieve this.

For severe lower back pain setups involve raising your body from this position. You start on support your body weight with your buttocks, like this lean, your upper torso back slightly, and raise it up again. Como lo saw Greg. I scooted a  Take a macho first put your feet slightly outwards and try to grip the floor with your toes tense. Your buttocks muscles put tension in the red area and pull your lower abdomen inward breathe out while staying as straight as possible, as you lean backward, breathe in while raising your upper body in the direction of the arrow as if to pull it up. Try to be aware of the psoas muscles at work practice a little every day until you can feel the psoas muscles stretching the spine. The time taken to achieve this will vary from person to person. It will take more than a few repetitions for results. So please persevere until you can do it well, tensing your buttocks pulls the base of the so ass muscles. This way, through the action of the gluteus maximus muscle, the lower abdomen, is pulled inward to create a point of support, because the psoas muscle is curved like this one standing, who hit take. I could sue Thomas sorry guy, I know, shall we continue on your sue.


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Severe Lower Back Pain