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Tangible Brain Training

Varying motions of the body are not only suitable for your bones and muscles. They can pave the way for a healthier brain. With the right training and attitude, you can live a life with a clear head.

Have you ever wondered why you preferred to walk off stressful events of the day? Generally speaking, you and other folks think well when you’re taking those quiet and peaceful strides. In the scientific arena the explanation lies in the increased oxygenation of your brain.

Walking can do wonders to both your legs and brain. It does not strain you leg muscles and glucose uptake is not as high compared to other forms of exercise. As for your brain, blood circulation is enhanced which means more nutrients and nourishment are delivered to your control center. Moreover, energy production is improved along with waste excreting processes.

Studies involving elderly women indicate that those who moved away from the sedentary lifestyle and slipped on their walking shoes manifested lesser chances of memory loss and reduced mental functioning. Walking and stair-climbing were combined in an experiment in the University of California. Results favored the group of women who were on the go as they scored better in tests. Moreover, researchers discovered that an extra mile per week can lead to a 13 percent reduction on the chances of having negative cognitive alterations.

There’s a nice way of making yourself alert amidst the stacks of papers you need to work on. This is also applicable for the mornings when you feel the urge to start your day on the right note. Choose a comfortable position then move your toes slowly. Make sure that the wiggling and stretching feels good.

When you feel like you’ve gained your momentum, move your toes up and down. As you reach fluidity in your motions focus on making your big toes dance to the beat. The objective of the steps mentioned is to stimulate your brain and internal organs. This will give you the much needed fuel and stability throughout your stint in the urban jungle.

On the road to a healthier mind, there’s no other way to go but the positive lane. Upon mastery of the walking techniques you can launch yourself to a faster pace by running. Scientific exploration of the hippocampus, a region of the brain overseeing memory and learning affairs, led to findings that running has benefits on the brain. Such activity can lead to brain-boosting scenarios even for those who have neurodegenerative disorders.

There’s an exercise that you might know as part of the warm-up team. It is called cross crawl which actually targets the left and right hemispheres of your brain. Moreover, it offers stimulation of the nervous system resulting into coordinated functioning.

You have the option of executing each motion in either a standing or sitting position. Initiate the procedure by lifting your left knee while commanding your right elbow to move across your body with the objective of making the two parts touch. Afterwards, proceed with separation and return to neutral position. Do this alternately for 2 to 3 minutes.

The brain will enjoy its training sessions if it is joined by its anatomical comrades. You are assured that results will come out well and you get to have that lean figure you’ve always been thinking of.

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