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About Your Skin CareYour Skin Deserves A Break

You don’t need to run to the cosmetic counter every time you get a pimple. Let me suggest you consider educating yourself so that you know what you should be feeding your skin. Why is it that we feed our bodies and organs what we think they need to maintain their balance and turn around and upset the natural balance of our own skin?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and by piling on the products that contain harsh ingredients and lack nutrients, is not the way to treat your skin. Your goal should be to not only use different skin products, but should be working towards maintaining a balance throughout your body to ultimately achieve amazing skin. What you choose and allow to enter your body as well as eating the right foods, can help the skin do its job.

Maybe you have given nourishment to every other organ in your body, but then turn around and run to the store for products that mostly contain harsh ingredients and lack nutrients. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider taking care of the largest organ of your body, your skin. You may need the necessary skin products that are nourishing to help maintain the balance of the skin.
Anything you do should be done in moderation to achieve amazing skin. You are in charge of what your skin looks like, it takes effort, commitment, dedication and education. Be in control of your skin care regimen, diet and lifestyle to reach the results you want.

Be educated on ingredients, learn what to avoid and learn what you need to look for in a skin care product.
My understanding is that nearly every skin care product we use has dozens of chemicals in them and we don’t even know it. Many manufacturers don’t talk about the ingredients in their skin care products, and if they did, they would only talk about very few. But what about the rest of the product, what ingredients make up the product? Well the answer is synthetic, toxic chemicals.
That’s right folks, and these may be absorbing into your body and may be cancer risks. Does anyone talk about skin care products being a contributor to the many cancers out there? Our bodies were not designed for us to put all of that junk on us.

But if you do, I suggest you choose safe, pure and natural skin care products for your skin and body. You may have to do some investigating, you may have to start learning about ingredients and the certain risks that follow. Investigate and start looking into what is making up your skin care products.
Know what you use on your skin. It’s your choice.

Alayna Fries,Licensed Esthetician
Author, If Your Skin Could Talk, What Would It Say?
Get the rest of the details at: http:www.ifyourskin In my book I discuss the importance of safe, pure and natural skin care products. I will teach you what to look for and how to read the labels of your skin care products. I also recommend an eating well diet to have healthy skin from the inside out. After reading my book you will be well on your way to beautiful skin and a natural state of well being.

Skin Care Products

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