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Chew Properly Playful Thomas REDMON

Playful Thomas Chew Properly My little friends! Enjoy! Thank you! All done! Mom, mom!

! I want more, please! What? You’re done already? Yeaaahh.

See! And I want more. Please give me some! Well, all right, all right. Thomas, you didn’t just gulp down the food without chewing, did you?

If you do that, you will get a stomachache. You have to eat slowly and chew well! OK? Thank you! This looks good!

Thomas, you’ve finished already? Yep!! And I’m going to eat more after this. Nom, nom.

But my mom said I should eat slowly. It’s OK! Thomas, are you OK? Drink some water. Thomas, are you all right?

Of course! You should chew your food properly. Hey guys, let’s go play! OK! Thank you for the food!

/ Sounds great! Thank you! Take this! Kids~ eat this if you get hungry.

Chew Properly | Playful Thomas | REDMON


Thanks! Thomas!!! Oh dear.

Are you OK, Thomas? My tummy feels weird. It looks like you have indigestion. When you are eating, you have sit straight and chew your food. That way, your stomach can digest the food.

The unchewed, undigested food is making your stomach hurt. OK, I got it. I’ll eat slowly now. Thomas, since your tummy isn’t well, how about some porridge? Mom, I’m going to chew my food well now.

Hahah, that’s great, my Thomas! That will help me digest the food. Oh wow, great job, Thomas! Sitting with good posture at the table, and eating slowly, you can do it, too, right, boys and girls? Yesss!


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