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This Could Save Your LIFE!! Pt. 2


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➡️ This Could Save Your Life Part 1: ⬅️ A few weeks ago I uploaded the video linked above sharing my anxiety because I had booked a “Cardiac Calcium Score Test”. This test tells you with 99% accuracy how much plaque you have built up in your cardiac arteries. I have a strong family history of heart disease and premature death from heart attacks. Many people in my family didn’t even make it to 50 years old!! So I decided to have the test done knowing there would be two outcomes: 1. I have clogged arteries but could fix that by placing a stent in those clogged arteries to avoid the possibility of a heart attack. Or 2. I get good news and my arteries are not clogged. With both scenarios, I knew by not doing anything, I could suffer a heart attack and then really be in trouble. When you have a heart attack, your heart becomes damaged permanently. That’s NOT good. Thankfully because of a few simple things I do like take LipoXplus and fish oil daily, I didn’t have even a .01% clog anywhere. In fact, 100% of men my age have some sort of clogged artery percentage and I had ZERO!! This video is about what I do to beat my genetic odds and have clean cardiac arteries. Thank you for watching and have an awesome day! ========================================================

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