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Todd Gross here with breaking news there is a brand new traffic system. that is turning tiny $10 budgets into big six-figure income machines. 30-second video ads Facebook and is super easy it’s evergreen and yes it works in any niche that’s right guaranteed to get results for you now if you’re banging your head against brick wall wondering why Facebook ads are working out for you.

Then you’re not alone you see everybody else succeeding with them but not yourself more about the change that for you because right now you are competing against two million other advertisers on Facebook and then makes you practically invisible. 30-second video ads I’m back the average click-through rate for a regular Facebook ad is now just and with more competition you’re not just getting ignored but you’re getting priced out of the game altogether, in fact, the cost of a regular Facebook ad jumped by two hundred and seventeen percent last year.

Now the growing competition plus the rising ad costs are forcing regular folks out of the game but it doesn’t have to be this way by creating simple 30-second video ads and following a secret battle plan that nobody, and I mean no one is talking about right now you can finally leave your traffic and sales headaches behind, and it’s all waiting for you on the inside of social video formula that’s right now you can get the secret blueprint that’s turning ordinary Facebook adds it to unstoppable sales machines.

Inside you’re going to see how to create simple 30-second videos and deploy them strategically to break people’s busy newsfeeds and finally create traffic and sales avalanche like you’ve never seen before, back in time here in fact to show you just a few of the results that folks are getting thanks start-up was shown a couple of my own campaigns and here’s one right here that we have three ads running in this campaign you can see we’ve got views these are actual people clicking on the video, and watching the video on Facebook.

We’re getting those views for less than a penny each there’s the point so four-tenths of a penny here’s three-tenths of any two-tenths of a penny on this one that’s just one campaign here’s another campaign we’ve gotten here we’ve had over 22,000 video views of people actually click in playing the video and they’re costing us again less than a penny point 002 two-tenths of a penny per video view.

Social Video Formula Review 78 views Aug 18, 2015 – (might still work for you though)

This is again resulting in incredibly cheap traffic so the views are costing us this much the clicks to the website are costing us pennies and in some cases, less than a penny a click here is another camping this one’s pretty crazy point video views that is one-tenth of a penny for every video viewed on a Facebook timeline that someone watching that video and clicking play, and watching the video that’s pretty phenomenal again generating clicks for less than a penny from these campaigns, and it’s not just for cheap traffic because you can see where somebody selling physical products this is actually a friend of mine selling physical products on Amazon, and on his own websites selling over $24,000 with products every month using the same social video formula strategies, and here’s another one this is a $50 campaign that was done that produced over $1,800 in sales, and counting.

Still more coming in so this is powerful not only for making lots and lots of cheap traffic but for producing lots of revenue at the same time so back to here thanks how easy is this the setup well there are only five steps you need to take.
Step one arm uses a secret shortcut to create 32nd weirdly powerful video ends without expensive tools or blowing your budget on freelancers.

Step two is to deploy follow a special recipe for posting your video ad to Facebook so you never get rejected again.

Step three is breech deployed a special knockout combo ad types to force your way into people’s news feeds and drive a ton of targeted leads to any website you choose.

Step four conquer want a simple retargeting campaign using a proven tested strategy that gets traffic for as low as point zero four cents per click and poses in leads and sales like crazy.

Step 5 gross scale these campaigns up to crazy heights with special scaling tricks that lead your competitors eating dust even if you’re starting on a shoestring budget he has it’s really that simple just follow these 5 steps, and don’t skip on the finer details that are waiting for you inside, and now you could be on the cutting edge of this brand new Facebook video ad trends, grabbing people by the eyeballs getting a flood of clicks, and generating a ton of daily sales on a tiny tiny ad budget.

Social Video Formula | Social Video Formula Review Get Social Video Formula:

You’ve seen video ads before and you’ve seen Facebook at 30-second video ads training before but you’ve never seen anything like this while most marketers are still toying with video ads nobody is breaking it down into such a powerful risk-free formula like this one this is not very it’s what a small group of people has been quietly using to turn TV ad budgets in 25 figure sales, and six-figure per year businesses, and the best part you can get started with just $10 per day, let me repeat that just 10 bucks.

Just plug it in flip the switch finally get all the 30-second video ads traffic leads and sales you could ever want in any niche that’s guaranteed, but you need to act fast because very soon social video formula is going back up to $97 and you’ll miss this very limited chance to get it at the discounted price check out the rest of the details on this page and make sure you grab this special offer before it gets taken down or the price shoots back up I’m Todd gross I thank you for watching.

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30-second Video Ads

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