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Using Video to Sell | B2C and B2B Marketing

Using video to sell. In my research, I’ve noticed there seems to be 1 reason why people fail at generating leads with video marketing: They focus way too much on WHAT to say.. rather than kind of structuring what to say to trigger response. Now, if this sounds like you, don’t worry. Because the truth is we’ve been mislead about what works. You see, social media gurus say what works is being transparent, honest, showing your personality, giving away tips or free advice. But the truth is you can do all those things. But if you don’t do them in a way that creates RESPONSE you’re just wasting time.// So, here’s what to do: First..

Whether you’re emailing a video to your prospect or trying to get your video discovered on YouTube or Google.. the only thing your potential customers care about is their problem or their goal. They don’t care about your personality.. not even how generous you are with offering free advice. All they REALLY care about is solving their problem..or reaching their goal faster. So here’s what I want you to do: ask yourself these questions: What pressing problem can I solve? What pain can I remove? What pleasure can I help create? The idea is to focus your video on the PAIN customers need to get rid of..

Or the GOALS they need to achieve faster. Now, once you’ve chosen your pain or goal, the next step is to provoke response. And the best way to do that is by claiming you can change the success rate of prospects. Then prove it. Tell them you can REALLY move their needle and then prove it by showing them exactly how to DO something important to them. Show them how to avoid a risk, solve a problem, learn a new skill.. step-by-step in the video. The idea here is to create confidence in them.. get them to take action and experience some success. Because if they DO this creates trust in you.// So remember the formula for your videos: Tell customers you can increase their success rate.. then, without wasting time, PROVE to them you can move their needle..

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Give them results. And finally give them an even better way to start right NOW.. in return for a deeper relationship.. a lead. Do this with a clear call-to-action that gets them to take action. For example, right now I’ve given you tips on a better way to get leads using video. You could take notes on this video and take action on what I just told you..

or I could offer you a free tutorial.. which is exactly what I’m doing. Right now, if I’ve done my job, I’ve created enough HUNGER in you to DO what I just explained. So now I’m going to make it EASY for you to act on that urge. So if you’d like to be guided, step-by-step, on making video SELL for you RIGHT NOW, sign up here to get my free tutorial. It even comes with a handy worksheet to get you moving in the right direction on the practical system I just explained. Ok? All the best to you and see you in the tutorial..

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