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Review of Designrr: Create Ebooks and Lead Magnets with Ease

Hey guys, Richard here for the School of Nomads. In this review, when I talked to you about a product called Designer Now Design; it’s been out for a while. Now it’s by Paul Clifford, and in a nutshell, it’s a piece of software that allows you to create ebooks and other types of lead magnets by bringing content from places like blogs, Facebook pages, PDF from Word documents and even from videos directly into the system And then gives you an excellent range of templates that you can use to go ahead and make your lead magnets. So if you’re looking for something like this stick around, I’m going to take you through the whole product, I’m going to show you around, I’m going to give you an excellent demonstration. Then, you can use this review to make a more informed decision before you go ahead and purchase just before we start, guys. My name is Richard Darby. This is a school of nomads, and you have me over to our channel before. Please go ahead and hit the subscribe.

Discover How Designrr Can Help You Create and Sell E-Books in Minutes – Honest Review

Your notification bell and I’ll let you know whenever I release new videos like this one. Guys, are you looking to start a business online? Check out the School of Nomads link below, and I’ve. I will take you through the whole process step by step so that I can take you through the product and the member’s area. I’ll show you the sales page and go through a couple of points on the sales page. We’ll go through the upgrades, and I’ll tell you the different upgrades. This has got I’ll. Show you what’s not so good about this product, what’s good about the product, and then I give you my summary, so you’ve got a more informed decision if you decide to go ahead and purchase this on the sales page. In essence, what they’re saying is that you can create an e-book in minutes. You get a free commercial license with this so that you can also make an e-book for others.

Easy-to-use Designrr allows you to create unlimited ebooks with 100 project templates and 750 Google Fonts for ultimate flexibility.

You’ve got a hundred project templates. You can publish unlimited ebooks; it’s straightforward, and the 750 Google Fonts give you much flexibility. I will show you the three-step process that is put together before we jump into the member’s area. As I said, this allows you to grab content from blogs and websites or even Facebook pages and posts and bring them into the system, enabling you to review that and look at the formatting. Look at the paragraphs. Add some things like images, and then once you’ve done that, you choose one of their templates. They’ve got a good variety of templates in here.

 Designrr: The Ultimate Membership Platform for Publishing and Sharing Your Work in Various Formats

I will tweak Kunis, and then you can publish it in various ways, as you can see here. You can publish it as a PDF, as a Word file, or as actually a flipbook. One of the upgrades is out to produce an excellent flip book or even on Amazon Kindle, so there’s a variety of ways you could go ahead and publish this. So, let’s jump into the membership area, and I’ll show you around here. I am over in the membership area, so the first thing you’ll see is any projects you’ve already worked on will be on this front screen here. So these are a couple that I was looking at earlier, and I can go in here. I preview and edit these once I start putting information in here, so they’re the first thing in the projects. Then you have my drafts, so you mean your manager here, which I’ll come back to you got a place there. We can go ahead and be an affiliate for the designer.

Extensive Training and Support Resources Available for Designrr Users

You can go ahead and promote and apply for that here and then over here. You’ve. I got your training to show you the upgrades, but you’ve got your help and documentation here, allowing you to go into the training. There’s lots of different documentation here in tutorials that you can go through, but there’s also an actual video series of training here, so they’re the kind of documents you’ve got to help you out. If I just come back to projects, you’ll see here that if I hit this help, this brings up the various training they’ve put together to help you lose the system. So if you click on this again, you come in here, and again, you find all the various videos and all the various paperwork. So there’s lots of help on here. The training is excellent.

Effortlessly Capture and Create Projects with Designer’s User-Friendly Features and Functionality

This first video takes the whole sister through and explains the entire process. Then, there’s an excellent little function here. This record button lets you record something on your screen: send it directly to them. If you have any issues, they’ve got a ready-made help function here. Allow you to record what’s going on. I also thought that was a nice touch, so I wanted to create a project. I can come over here and just hit create a project here, and then I’ve got various ways to bring the information in such a step. One is bringing the information into the system so I can import from a blog, a Word document, or a Google file or start from just a template and fill in the various blanks myself. I can also start entirely from scratch or import from a Facebook page now.

Unlock Exclusive Functions and Import Content from Various Sources with Designrr

There are other functions here: they’re locked depending on your membership level and include the fact that you can move straps. You can transform a PDF into a flip book. You can import from a podcast, a PDF, a video, a Facebook group, or Facebook Live, so there are many different options. There, I’ll show you the actual upgrades in a second now. What I want to do is show you one from a blog now. What I need to do here is import from a blog post URL, so I will go ahead and grab the URL of a blog post. Now, this is a backlink. Oh, this is my blog so that I won’t use this information. This is a good blog, and it’s very detailed. So, I want to use this as my example because this is a lot of information.

Designrr Review: A Look at Basic but High-Quality Templates for Easy Content Creation

This is what you have to bring onto this platform, so if I hate to see it fetch there and let it bring in that information and you can see straight away – it’s bought that ends of it. If I hate next, what happens now is I have to come along and pick a template, so I just come around here anyway, and I can use them, or I should preview them, so for this, I’ll preview a couple. This was previewed as a PDF so that you can see it here. You’ve got a cover. You’ve got the actual contents pages here, and then you got the end page now. The only thing I will say about these templates is that they are fundamental. No, I did another review on something called Scribble, and I felt the templates in that one were slightly more detailed, and there were somewhat more pages in them that I could go ahead and utilize, so these are a little bit basic compared to that. But there’s still very, very good quality.

Designrr Review: Simplify Your Marketing with Easy Content Editing and Customization

Let’s choose another. One is just a random one here, just a simple two pages of this one, so you would come through here and find one you like and want to use. So that’s fun. I want to use it just for the marketing white column. Let’s preview this again; that’s a two-pager. Let’s go. I am just going to use this one. This is the actual post brought into the system, and basically, you need to come through here and use the editors on the left-hand side to edit all of this content. So you would change things around. You would add pages. There are lots of things you can do here. You can change all the text. The usual thing with these edits is that they’re all the same. You have full options around the kinds of fonts you want. You can change the images and add images to these various locations. You can adjust all of these headings.

Effortlessly Customize and Reorder Pages with Designrr – Unlocking Creative Freedom!

So if you’re right-click, you can change the order of the pages. If you want to move them up and down, and then you click on the various elements to start adding things, so you see here, on the left-hand side, there are lots and lots of different options for you to come along here and start changing. All of these various pages – you can also add more pages. If you want, I just hit the plus here, and you can come in here. You can add more content, new pages, or an inline CTA. So, if you wanted a call to action here, I could just put one in anyone. I like it, and then I go ahead and put a call-to-action in that particular space, so there are many different things. You can do it here. It’s the usual type of editing, very, very similar again to the last product. I did. That was an e-book and gives you a lot of flexibility here.

Designrr: A Powerful Editing Tool for Flexibility and Efficiency

So this is a piece that takes time, so when they say that you know you can bring things in from different locations, yeah, you can bring the bulk of the content in, but you’re still going to spend several hours coming through here and going through this And making it all look good, that’s the end of the day. That’s what you have with all of these different types of editors, so it’s not as quick as they make out, but you know, for the flexibility of editing for these types of things. It is good. So, to publish this again, I won’t spend this review reviewing the whole thing before publishing it. I could give this a title: let’s give it an author, my fantastic ebook, and then we’ll publish it as a PDF, and then I’ll export it. Then we’ll say: okay, I’ll pause this. While it takes time to create the PDF, okay.

Designrr: Easy-to-Use PDF Creation Tool with Clunky Entity and Convenient Image Search Feature

So here’s my PDF; I changed the colour on this top page to read, so we have visually done that, and there you see all of the information is here. Then I could share that with my customers or give it away as accessible as on a landing page. Whatever I wanted to do with it was pretty easy to use. You know. As far as the entity is concerned, they are a little bit clunky, usually because there are many options and features there, but getting the information to come through again is pretty easy to use, okay. So the other thing you could do – which I thought was a nice little feature – was on the media magic. You go ahead and search for images. So if I wanted to search for funny cats and add those images to my ebook, it’d go off; I know I got a place where pixabay and Glance bring me some cats in. That’s my cut. Let’s bring some cats in. I can go ahead and use it, and it’s also an excellent editing function on the actual platform, which is a nice bonus.

Designers Image Editing and Importing Features Simplify Content Creation and Ebook Design

So I can come here and start editing various things on this picture, including cropping and resizing it. I can draw multiple things on it, and once I’ve done that when I save the likes, you bring that picture into the platform. I can use that on my ebook, so I thought that was an excellent little function because I scribbled on the last one. I didn’t see that functionality there, so they go. There’s the image on the actual platform. So really good you. You know you can use this again. I can go and grab an image from a URL as well. If I go back to this blog or look at this image, the top of the image address comes back, and there you go, that just brought that image directly in from that URL edit. I can see that in this straightaway. So it’s speedy, and as long as these images are yours, you can use the content from these blogs, etc. This is a swift way to get content in the system.

Upgrade Options and Functionality of Designrr: Explore the Enhanced Features and Unlimited Possibilities at an Affordable Price

So, won’t you take you through the various upgrades on the system because the functionality is pretty straightforward on the front end, but it is only $27. So it’s you know you are getting enough here to produce excellent lead magnets, so there is enough functionality there, but there are various upgrades. So, if I look at this actual plan here and you get it, you have several ways that you can get upgrades. You can have a probe license, a premium license, and then some agency premium license. Now, the standard is a hundred project templates. One user can create unlimited ebooks, unlimited use of copyright, free images, paper numbers, and tables of contents imported from the web, Microsoft Word, and Google Dots. So you can see there that there’s some limited functionality there now. The pro version, monthly or yearly and $ 97, is 200 plus templates and 200 plus cover designs, which would be nice to show some nicer.

Designrr: The Ultimate Tool for Stunning Color Cover Designs, 3D Imaging, and eBook Creation

Colour cover designs and 3d cover imaging tools, so you could put these on websites and show her a nice little image of the particular lead bank you were given away, create a limited ebook. Unlimited use of copyrighted use numbered page numbering, but you also can import from a PDF and export as a Kindle and iBook epub and fly book now. A flipbook is an excellent functionality here. It looks fantastic when you have essential things, such as Flipbox, and then you can import from any Facebook page and then the Premium 297, the additional functions. You can get any PDF and turn it into a flip book, which is nice. You can publish it to any website, and there’s an eBook mock-up generator. You could use it for things like Kindle and again. The last one, a premium agency license, also allows you to create custom templates.

Pros and Cons of Designrr: Custom Templates, Time-consuming Editing, and High Quality

So again, you could use this and create custom templates for others. So I’m going to just a quick recap: the front ends are $ 27.00, they’re professional versions $ 97 or $ 19 $ 19 per month, and the premium version is 297, and then you saw there was an A there. Was an agency license on top of that as well? The cons are that editing all of these things takes a while. The apparent seller is quick to bring in the information, which it is, but they all take a while to edit, get right, and ensure everything is nicely formatted. Some templates I’ll see are fundamental to me, especially compared to the front end of Scribble, which also allows you to link to that particular review below. Just so you can do a comparison, but they are excellent quality. So it’s not a big deal, but they seem to have as few additional pages in the scribble ones and for the slightly more excellent features.

Designrr Pro: The Ultimate Book Design Software with Easy-to-Use Features and Unlimited Ebook Production

You do need to upgrade to that Pro brush, and I would say so that you get additional ways to bring information in and produce things like flipbooks. Now, the pros I do like are the quality and the templates. The editor is easy to use once you get used to all the functionality. Once you get used to that, it’s reasonably easy to use. There is a commercial license included. You can produce unlimited ebooks, and there are lots of design options. There are more actual templates than you get on the front end of Scribble. It is a one-time cost. There is a nice image search feature and – and the last thing on here really is this – products have been around for quite a few years now – and our well-established company. It is something that is going to be maintained by the company themselves. So I’d be pretty happy to use this myself. So, in summary, this is a high-quality book design software, and it’s straightforward to use.

Designrr Review: A Powerful Lead Magnet Tool for Your Business

It can be used for many types of lead magnets, and I will give this eight out of ten really because I think this is a nice piece of software. Then, if you want to produce lead magnets for your particular business, You could use this to do that, so guys, thanks for watching. I hope you find that helpful review. If you are interested in this product, I will leave a link in the description below for you to go and check it out. My name is Richard Arby’s, it’s the school of nomads. If you have ever been over to our channel before, please go ahead and hit the subscribe notification bell, and I’ll let you know whenever a release new reviews; just like this one, guys, if you’re looking to start a business online, go ahead and check out the link To the School of nomads below. I’ve taken to the whole process step by step, and the 20x time guys Read More:

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