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4 Tips For Achieving Work-Life Balance | Money | TIME

instead of trying for a work-life balance everyone always discusses it like it should be compartmentalized to me I think work-life balance is what you make of it it’s not as strict as work nine-to-five have your family in the evenings if you really want something you want to start a business you can balance it and you know go back and forth throughout the day and still be able to pay attention to both things the biggest thing is that you have to ask for help when you need it for the longest time I insisted that I clean my house say I wanted to be like the good mom and have everything clean and until I realized that I could hire someone and I could make double the amount I paid her to help me clean my house in the time she was cleaning it and so I think learning to be smart about your decisions outsource when you need it I think is the best thing that any parent can do is trying to balance their work and their life if a parent is at work and they want more flexibility or they feel like they aren’t seeing their families they really need to seek out the jobs that will allow for that flexibility you see them all the time and different newspapers and different reports online of companies that are known for their work-life balance so you have to be bold enough to ask I think there’s always been this stigma that if you’re a working parent you ask for time off or you ask to get off early that you’re seen as a lesser worker but really when it comes to a workplace environment as long as you’re superior and your boss is happy with what you’re doing they know you’re working hard and it is really better what anybody else thinks as long as the people above you who are responsible for your job think that you’re doing a great job


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