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At Your Desk To Long Sitting Stretches

Sitting Stretches

sitting stretches

I have two sitting stretches that you can do if you have been sitting at your desk all day Before I dive into that. I wanted to let you know about a new program. I have It’s called “ Turn Your Life Around in Six” and you can get more information, Click that big orange button and I’ll. Let you’ll find out more about it. So two stretches that you can do if you’ve been sitting too long. So a lot of times when you’re sitting at your desk. Not only are you hunched over on the computer or your shoulders, rounded all that, but you’re also sitting in a flex position with your hips

So I’m going to show you two hip sitting stretches that you can do to kind of open up those hips a little bit and hopefully relieve some of the tension. As you said, I’m going to go back there. So hopefully you can hear me, Okay, so two of the exercises that you can do cause it remembers if you’re sitting all day these hip flexors these muscles and tendons and the front ligaments get really tight. So you want to make sure that you stretch them out. So if you can stand up in front of your desk and bring that leg behind you and what’s you’re going to do, is if you kind of think about pushing your tush out initially and then pull tips under you can bend the back leg a little Bit if you want, but you should feel a nice stretch in the front of the hips, If you don’t feel the stretch, you can kind of lean back a little bit more

You’re going to put a little more pressure into that leg, That’s fine, But you should feel that stretch. Some of you might feel stretched just keeping it still. Okay, So that is a hip flexor stretch standing The other one is a quad extension, Not quad extension. Quad sitting stretches, So when you do your quad stretch, you want to hold your foot and then pull back on the leg. If you need some balance (, my ballet teacher would be very upset with me: ) …

If you need some sitting stretches balance, you can hold onto your chair or your desk or whatever So a lot of times. I see people pull their foot to their butt. That is not the key to the quad extent. –. I keep saying extension quad stretch, So you want to pull the leg back and pull the hip under. So a lot of people do this You’re not stretching your hip flexor or your quad. Your quad is actually connected up into the top of your pelvis. So this is why this one will hit, So you want to think about pulling that leg back, pull the hip forward. The other thing I see people do a lot of times. Are they have their leg out? You want to keep your knees somewhat together. As close as you can and then pull that leg back Okay, So those are two stretches that you can do if you’ve been sitting at the desk too long, which I haven’t sat at my desk way too long this morning,

Stand tall and also grip your hands behind your back, your hands pressed together, your arms fully extended. Take a deep breath in, look up toward the ceiling, after that as you breathe out, push your pass on regarding you can as you draw your shoulders backward to broaden the breast.

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It’s all good, though You know, if you own your business, you know you have to market. You have to wear a lot of different hats, so I’ve been trying to do some marketing and also trying to do some of the online client work that I have. But it’s all good. So take those two exercises the stretches and let me know how you do:

If you have any sitting stretches questions, Just put them in the comments section and remember to go to Shape It Up and check out the new program called Turn Your Life Around in Six. All right Have a wonderful day, and probably will see me later on. All right have a good one. Bye

Sitting Stretches