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my behaviorToday’s video is on the benefits of knowing yourself. You know the old saying to your own self, be true. So, let’s get to it. One of the main reasons I did this video because I’ve always struggled on Who I am like you know you got to find yourself. I hate to use that 60s word, but I had to find myself.

Let’s always struggle with that, and I spent many years doing that through therapy through finding things that I, like things, that I don’t like and that’s come up with a short video of how I feel about myself and how do I know that I have self knowledge Or accept myself most days of who I am and how do how do I know that and one of the things how I know that is,

I’m have less conflict within myself, I’m living the life that I want. My behavior is reflected in my emotions and my behavior are equal the way, I think the way I feel spiritually are basically the same way. I act. I’ve managed to bring my behavior in my inner life together.

More so that’s that’s one thing, so I feel pretty solid and the way I think and the way I feel, and the way I behave is that’s really important, because before I used to react to lots of things examples of behaviors to change was erotic. It was all over the place and I really want to get those two worlds – of behaviors to change world and my inner world together, and that was really important for me. So less inner conflict is really one sign that I have self-knowledge or self acceptance so Who I am, and maybe you have that too, I hope you do and if you don’t, maybe you want to take a look at work.

Listen to what I’m saying and take a look at it and just give a little thought another. Another thing is that it can make better decisions for myself. I can make better financial decisions. I can make better decisions on the cutter automobile. I want to drive or the clothes I want to wear or the people I want to date or the people. I want to make my friends because I used to make a lot of mistakes there, because I wasn’t sure myself. I did a lot of people pleasing in the past. I don’t do that anymore, I’m making great decisions for myself most days, and why is that?

Because I understand who I am, I understand who carry G is, and another thing is and I’m less resistant to social pressures. You know peer pressure, you should you know what people are talking around a table about somebody or something I can say to them. How I feel about it or what I think about it and their opinion is important, but I don’t have to cave in to their opinions. So I don’t really cave in to social pressures like I used to. I Know Who I am. I can stand tall and stand up for myself when the need be and feel confident, even when the people around me disagree with me, and I can stand back and not dislike them because they disagree with me or there’s something wrong with them.

I can just think my behavior: and you’re, entitled to your opinion, I’m entitled mine, let’s get back to work or let’s go and have some fun something like that. What else is I? What else is what I got this thing in my mouth and it’s kind of making me talk a little funny. You probably notice it another thing, as I enjoyed my own pleasures like making video going canoeing, there’s a lot of things in my life that I do because it because I like doing them and I really enjoy my life.

I really I really enjoy what I do and that’s one of the key things of how to find yourself or how do just accept yourself find the things in your life that you really really enjoy and start doing them. Take the time out and do them. It doesn’t matter if you like basket, weaving or cooking or going to plays or whatever it may be, do things that you enjoy to do, because it forces who you are and in the meat type you’ll be a pleasure from doing it.

It’s a great way of discovering who you are doing the things you enjoy the positive aspects in your life and the grand finale of all this self-awareness and self-acceptance. Your life will never never bleep be better. You will have a happier life on most days, you’ll be content and you’ll be happier with your life, because you’re living the life that you want to live the life that you have value in the lights that you see.

You see the rate, the right moral way about your life, and you know something when you do that everything around you starts to look better when we live the life that we want to live in and when people change and when people want to do things and Make better self improvement those self improvements are already inside you. We already know the answer. We just have to get the courage and put the fear behind this and take it a step at a time and realize who we really are because the magic is already in us. We have the answers. We need to find the courage to be who we are, who we really are and not right. There is a my behavior blessing, I’m telling you to your own self be true. This is Terri Qi and remember, look after yourself because it shows and have a great day,

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My Behavior

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