Simple Health Exercises

Simple Health Exercises Habits for Health and Happiness

Practice Moderation

As Joni Mitchell quotes We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. So here we practice moderation

practice moderationAnd 6 a.m. if I sleep past 6 I feel like I slept the day away for most people they’re not wanting to get up that early especially on the weekends so it may be like 9 OK fine so get up by 9 a.m. get ready which means getting dressed open the blinds to let the sunlight in you want to make sure that you try to keep your circadian rhythms stable on the weekends as well as during the week so if you don’t you know if you sleep in really late and keep the blinds drawn then your body’s hormones that tell your body went to sleep and when to be awake

And when to eat and not hungry they get all out of whack so it’s really important that you set those circadian rhythms so you’re not overeating and you’re not over or under sleeping cut out caffeine after noon I know oh my gosh who would have thought it caffeine stays in your system for about 12 hours so the coffee you drink at noon is still impairing your sleep at midnight so try to cut out caffeine at afternoon if you are a habitual caffeine caffeine drinker you’re going to want to wean down and you know how to do it slowly so you don’t get headaches and cravings and all that kind of stuff but it does dramatically help with your sleep quality if you don’t have caffeine in your system and the

Next your bonus tip is to practice moderation everything you do in moderation if you cut out a particular food it’s just going to set you up to really crave that food and want to binge on it if you start exercising you know some people make that New Year’s resolution and they go in the first two weeks and they’re going gangbusters and then the third week they can’t move and they’re so sore and they’re like oh I’m never doing that again so practice moderation anything you do you know start slow try doing going to the gym three days a week for half an hour and then build up on that if you really like it if you’re going to change your eating habits you know gradually taper down the caffeine or the flute or the refined sugars instead of necessarily going cold turkey it makes it a lot easier and when you practice moderation

You might also find that there are very few things that you can’t do very few things that you can’t ever do now for example I love gardening but I’ve got carpal tunnel really bad so when I go out and I’m gardening and I’m pulling weeds if I pull weeds for five hours I’m not going to sleep for the next three days because my hands will wake me up but if I practice in moderation I go out and I need for you know 30 or 45 minutes it’s not a problem and I still enjoy it my garden still looks relatively decent so anything you do instead of going gangbusters and overdoing it practice moderation I hope these tips help you develop some healthy habits if you have any that you want to share please contact me otherwise have a wonderful day and I will see you on the next episode of happiness isn’t brain surgery

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Practice Moderation

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