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Stay Active at Home – Strength and balance exercises for older adults

There is an inevitable fact that the risk of falling increases with age. The surprising fact is that the risk of falling decreases with this simple thing Playing sports Starting at the age of thirty, we can lose our muscles Up to 8 % of its strength. Every ten years, Even by the time we reach 80, we will likely lose 40 % of our power. Here we can help reverse this trend, though The practice of six simple exercises is widely used by physical therapists To keep us mobile and dependent, as we get older. All you need is sturdy support, good shoes and a little bit of time each day. The first exercise Heels raised, Stand up straight with a footstool for assistance, Then lift the heels from the ground and place your weight on the front of the feet. Maintain this position for three seconds Then slowly lower your heels to the floor. Repeat this 10 times. The second exercise Fingers raised Stand up straight with the help of once again. This time raise your toes With weight on the heels Stay straight, Maintain this position for 3 seconds, Then slowly lower your toes Repeat this 10 times. The third exercise stand up Stand up straight with a footstool for assistance using only one hand on the cushion Now place. One foot directly in front of the other foot to be on a straight line, as shown While looking forward, remove your hand from the rest, if you can and balance for 10 seconds, Move the front foot behind hip level and place the other foot in front. Instead, Balance again for 10 seconds, The fourth exercise Stand on one leg, Stand close to the armrest for assistance and hold it with one hand, Now stand balanced on one leg, With the other leg raised to the top Maintain this position for 10 seconds, Then repeat on The other leg, The fifth exercise Walking Here you will be walking forward using a assist side. Rest Stand up straight with one hand on the side, stool, while looking to the future and place one foot straight, While looking ahead place, one foot straight In front of the other leg so that your feet are in a straight line. Then move the hind leg to the front of the other. Walk for about 10 steps Then put the feet at the level of the hip joint Turn and repeat the steps in the other direction. Sixth, exercise Sit to stand, Use a firm and sturdy chair and sit down With your feet slightly back Then lean forward a little and then stand up If you need extra help place your hands on the chair, while standing Carefully take a step back until your legs Touch the chair Then slowly lower and sit back on the chair. Repeat this 10 times. That’S all Keep these exercises to help your muscles stay strong Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Translated by Hussam, Al-Zahrani Physiotherapist


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