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How To Make Up To $15,000 Your FIRST Month Online | Build Your List

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How often have we seen outrageous claims like: “Single Mom makes her first $15,000 online completely automated” OR “High School Drop out nets 6 figures in 6 days all from home…” While these statements may be true, you need to know the back story. Let’s use me as an example. I am a college dropout. I am a single dad. I can join just about any new program today and almost guarantee I will make $15,000 my first day. Why? Because even though I fit the story and criteria of the “drop out”, what you don’t hear about the success stories is: These people have been “list building” for at least a few years. The money is and will ALWAYS be in list building. ALWAYS! That will never change, so start list building today!!! =======

I’m going to teach you how to make 15 to 20 000 your very first month online I’m Joel Therien and I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 16 years old I saw my first real income by age 23.

Here are a few things that i’ve learned along the way failure is not to be feared it’s to be admired you never fail you only win or you learn there’s no finish line there is only creation and innovation hey folks joel tearing here and we’ve all seen it right time and time again college dropout makes 20 000 easy automated click one button in his first 30 days or poor ups guy quits his ups job and made eighteen thousand dollars in his first two weeks right well it’s probably true but what they don’t tell you is the back story okay uh we’re just discussing here in office and you can have the best product in the world the best service the best everything but if you don’t have people to tell about your product or service you’re absolutely dead in the water so how do these people these college dropouts this ups driver this single dad this single mom all of a sudden generate fifteen thousand dollars it’s because they don’t give you the back story it’s one simple thing but it takes time and consistency listen i get it we all want immediate gratification we hope we all hope in our minds that there really is that secret sauce that hidden underground way of generating fifteen thousand dollars in your first month online why we’d all love to do that and you know there’s that child side of us that goes oh i hope this is the one i hope this is true i hope this works the reality is no it doesn’t and it will never work here’s the backstory they don’t tell you the people so listen let’s use me as an example because i’ve been doing online marketing for 25 years so people in general have built up a list already so the key to your success is traffic conversions and mindset and traffic to generating leads build your list build your name of email subscribers cell phone numbers things that you can market to build your list and so that’s how these people do it what they don’t tell you is maybe for the past year year and a half they’ve built up a list of 10 000 subscribers on their email list over time they’ve gotten that list to know like and trust them that’s why as an example i now have a list of about 1.7 million people on my email list a good percentage of those people have been on my list for a very very long time by being on my list and watching videos like this one and seeing me around they’ve come to know like and trust who i am and because of no like and trust that’s what builds a brand that’s why i do these videos that’s why i send email building the brand is what builds the trust so undoubtedly it almost doesn’t matter what the program is now i wouldn’t promote anything under the sun i’ve promoted things like list leverage and a few other programs over the years traffic authority because i believe in those things that’s the key i anything i do promote i believe provides a solution to a problem i believe it will help my end users and customers out there around the world so the reality is because of one thing only understand this part this one thing only because i’ve built a very large email list and that list over time has come to know like and trust me well i can promote just about anything and be guaranteed to make four or five or even sometimes six figures as an example in traffic authority i’ve been paid over 250 000 over the past year and a half why because i have a list already i’ve created an ecosystem where i’ve generated traffic from that traffic i’ve generated leads from those leads i’ve done consistent follow-up to those leads to either my youtube channel like this or the other things that i’m doing they’ve come to know like and trust who i am they go joel’s not a bad guy i believe in what he’s doing yes i’m gonna buy from joel and that’s the key to success there’s no other way around it generate traffic to a free offer get a name and email address and then over time market to that email address things of high quality provide solutions provide things that you know that they need help with and in doing that do videos like this they’re going to come to know like and trust you only when here’s the reality of the situation no no lies only when people come to know like and trust you will they buy from you that’s why this immediate gratification bs simply doesn’t work have you ever met somebody on the street and just given them 100 bucks no of course not right would you give a hundred bucks to tom cruise to tom cruise or angelina jolie if they said hey my car just broke down down the road uh can you lend me a hundred bucks and i’ll pay you back if you knew with certainty it was them the only skepticism would be is it really brad pitt is it really angelina jolie but if you knew it was really then because they’ve built their brand and their trust by being on in movies you would probably hand over the 100 bucks knowing that you’ll get it back in a couple days trust takes time building up a relationship with people takes time and that’s the only way you’re going to be able so it is very very easy build your list market to that list get that list to know like and trust you and then those people buy from you so that’s the missing piece of the college student who made his first 30k in his first 30 days the single dad who went from broke to making millions no yes again being realistic i could promote just about anything because i have a large list of subscribers who’ve come to know like and trust who i am and because of that trust and because of the the list building over the years can you make really good money or i can make good money so what’s a realistic time frame well using my own story once i understand the value of building my list and marketing to that list once my email list got to 100 subscribers guess what i made my first sale for 10 and i was like hm how do i replicate that 10 times 100 times a thousand times it becomes very predictable once i built my list to a thousand subscribers i started making about a hundred dollars a month when i started building my list to ten thousand subscribers i started making one thousand to two thousand dollars a month when i built my list to a hundred thousand subscribers i started making twenty thirty forty thousand dollars a month when you start building your list and if you treat that list with respect you treat that list with honesty and transparency and integrity and you pick and choose what you promote to that list knowing that it’s going to help them build their solution to one of their problems then people will come to trust you and ultimately buy from you for a lifetime once you start building your list it’s very predictable almost like science income that you can make in fact with every dollar with every subscriber on your list you can expect to make about a dollar per month if you treat your list very very well so that’s how the new gurus do it i joined a brand new program and i made thirty thousand dollars my first month yes because i have a list of people that already love me trust me so on and so forth so build your list get that list of no like and trust you and that list will buy from you for a lifetime i hope this makes sense folks if you want other videos like this don’t forget to hit the subscribe button don’t forget to hit the bell notification button so that you can be notified every time i put out a video have an awesome day start building your list and your world will change forever

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