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Half a million people before we start is this real. There are more than half a million people in this big family of Pick Up Limes. I can’t believe I don’t know what to say anymore. Thank you very much for your support Pick Up Limes. Thank you for joining us Wow. Half a million people Now back to the topic of the video. Do things more effectively. We often feel that we have a lot to do, But dont want to touch it or dont know where to start And i’m just like everyone else. I like watching youtube videos to delay time. Sometimes, if you really feel too much, I will take a nap, But I can confidently say most of the time. I am a very efficient person, But this is not a talent or a natural gift. This is the ability I learned From my tutor from a lot of audio books, Ability to learn from the blog from thorough practice. This is the purpose of this video. I want to share with you some ways to make me more efficient Hope it helps you. Let’S start practice, What I shared with you today can be found in Find it in the PDF file, with the link below We often learn new things, but cannot practice it. Effectiveness is not only about knowledge, But the application of this knowledge, Of course, just use those little methods that might help you. You can have better efficiency Prioritize In the morning. We can focus on the most important things. It’S you First look at the mailbox and calendar. It can boost your spirits and build a good atmosphere Before you get into these things, Eat breakfast or do something Things that make you full of energy in the morning. Maybe meditation Or nest with your pet or partner, No matter what you want, Let your day start well by doing the most important thing, And the most important thing is yourself: Listen to audiobook Two things that I am very grateful for My family and audio books. I really dont know how to say that audiobooks are important to my life. To me, It’s like having a professional tutor who is always there. There is nothing like listening to some influential people all over the world. The self-growth book that I wrote can make me more efficient The last three years. I am using an app called audio book to listen to these books, So when they generously said they wanted to help me make this film Not to mention I’m so excited. I especially like to exercise in the morning Listen to some inspirational books, Exuberant endorphins, and these things that encourage me to move up Often allows me to return to work with energy and excitement. And if I dont want to exercise today, Then Ill be lying in bed or preparing breakfast Spend five to ten minutes. Listening to something exciting. I also like to listen to audiobooks in the car or while cleaning. This will make me feel that when doing some routine Have more extra gains. If you also think it can improve your efficiency or motivation, Search, /pickuplimes, You can enjoy a 30-day free trial period And choose the book you want for free. If I personally recommend a book, I want to recommend you Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This is recommended to me by my sister. I really appreciate her. I have listened to this book at least three times. If I didnt hear the encouraging words in this book every morning, I will not create Pick Up Limes. Build model Establish specific patterns in your most efficient time Can make you concentrate So think about what kind of environment and mood you want to create. For me, I cant work at a cluttered desk, So tidying up the environment is part of my routine Play some pure music that can calm the mind, Pour a drink. It may be tea or sparkling water with juice, When these elements are ready. I’M like turning on fully autonomous driving, Tell yourself it’s time to do something. Make good use of the matrix. Getting things done doesn’t mean you want Try to squeeze everything into your busy day. I mean. Is there really so many things on your work list? Let’S try! This approach, less is more. That is to do the really important things, But how do you know what is important Draw matrix Its not because of the hacking mission, its also procrastination, Make good use of pdf, notepad or whiteboard Draw an Eisenhower priority matrix One of the coordinate axes is importance. The other axis is urgency. Next, the things listed in the work list Classified by their importance and urgency. For example, You have a chemistry exam in two days. It’S coming soon. So this is an urgent matter And it is also important because you care about your grades. Hope so In the second quadrant you may put reply emails. This matter is important, but maybe not so urgent. It should be urgent to return clothes based on regulations, But it may not be that important. You learned the technique now When you sort everything Just choose the things that need to be dealt with first To your work list. This is what i have been doing. It makes me more efficient And can give priority to finishing important things, And this also makes me feel very fulfilled, Put difficult things. First, Let’s be a more efficient time management. One of the suggestions that worked for me is, While you still have energy, Try to finish the most difficult things And then later to the afternoon or evening When energy is running out, You are left with things that are not so brain-consuming like parties Build system. I used to be distracted by replying to emails, And this can really make you inefficient. So the next trick is Training plan a specific time. The habit of handling inboxes Outside of that time Just treat it as a mailbox suspension, Also plan your time for the social media you use, So you won’t be distracted And focus on doing what really matters Planning a break. Now you have planned when to read the email And you still want to plan your rest time. Rest is very important for efficiency. You need to recharge. Rest can be a walk, Find something to eat Or eat a healthy snack to replenish glucose. You have to remember that your brain uses glucose as its fuel, So things like fruits and bean paste biscuits is useful. This can make you full of energy And get ready to do things more efficiently Reward your achievements. This is not to cross out your work list, But to understand what you accomplished: Write them down, so they can be seen If you can check what you have done. What is a better reward than this? It’S not just to cross out the work list. If you cross it out, you add it to the achievement field. You will be full of pride when you look back. Sometimes I even put things I dont need to do. Go to the achievement bar Regardless of the size of the achievement, Just look at them to motivate you to become more efficient, At least for me, Find a reason I want to ask you a question you asked before What is your reason? Sometimes we focus on what needs to be done. It’S like a bomber Instead of focusing on things that make us feel good. So why do you want to be efficient For me personally, I enjoy the feeling of getting things done. It’S not because I have strong willpower, But because I would ask myself why, If you find what you are doing Essentially cannot bring you a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you can try to reward yourself for accomplishing this, Like watching your favorite TV show Or with friends As long as you finish your work Now, let me summarize this video, Then you can make good use of these tips. We discussed To improve efficiency, in other words, Turn off youtube. Okay, just kidding, Thank you for watching this video anyway, A small reminder for everyone. You can find the pdf files of these tips in the introduction column below. If you think this video helps you, Please give me a thumbs up, See you, after a few efficient days like this Bye, bye,

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