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Sagging Neck Jaw And Jowl Area

sagging neck jaw and jowl areaHi, Dr. Sheena from Qi Medicine Acupuncture, and I’m so excited to bring you my series in Facial Yoga. I love Facial Yoga, and it is such a great way to help to maintain your muscle tone, help to look after your skin and in between your cosmetic acupuncture sessions, or just if you’re needing to improve your overall glow. So today, we’re going to be focusing on the neck muscles So the neck, a lot of people that come to the practice complain about sagging in the neck and lines and puffiness and fluid retention So I wanted to start with this one because I think this is a really important area. So with Facial Yoga, there are heaps of exercises that we can do to help reduce the sagging in the neck and also to improve the muscle tone. sagging neck jaw and jowl area

There’s a really big muscle on the neck called the platysma. So by exercising this, you are going to make a huge impact on how that neck area looks So… Your first exercise is to put your finger on your chin and make an O with your mouth. sagging neck jaw and jowl area

This is a very fun one to do. You can do this anywhere; you can do Facial Yoga anywhere. So make an O with your mouth opening and closing your mouth whilst you’re tilting your head back. So like this. And going up and down being careful not to strain the neck. sagging neck jaw and jowl area

This exercise is great for the neck muscles, but also the jaw if you have some temporomandibular jaw pain or TMJ, any tightness or jaw clenching, and also the mouth muscles, this involves that whole area. So once again put your finger on the chin. You can really feel those muscles working. Repeat that as many times as you want daily. Then our second exercise, which I love for a saggy neck and the jowl area is to place your fingers on your collarbone like this, and then just gently stretch the neck up and just put a little bit of tension in the mouth and jaw, so just holding that slightly and breathe.

So important to breathe; this is yoga, after all, it is about relaxation as well. So making sure you’re breathing deeply when you do these exercises And you’ll notice such a nice stretch in through the neck. If you sit at the computer all day or drive a car a lot, you will especially love this.

It releases so much tension through the front of the body And around the jaw and the neck, in the front of the neck. The third exercise which is one of my favorites is called kissing the sky, so literally, all it is is puckering up to the heavens Mwah… Stretching your neck up, facing the sky, and kissing the ceiling, so try again.

Mwah … and make that kissing noise, it’s a great release. It seems so fun to do.

And as you can tell, it works for the mouth muscles as well. So if you’ve got a bit of sagging around the mouth and some fine lines around the mouth, this is a great one for you, too. It makes you happy as well.

Who can’t be happy when you’re doing this exercise? I love it.

A few reasons why it’s really really great to exercise the neck muscles energetically and emotionally as well, we can tend to have a lot of problems with self-expression around the throat area and that can end up with bogginess and muscles getting really tight around the sagging neck jaw and jowl area So doing these Facial Yoga exercises help you release those held emotion, particularly if you’re having difficulty expressing yourself or speaking your truth.

It’s also a great exercise if you have thyroid problems. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland just around the neck in the front of the chest and I do find, particularly with women who come in for cosmetic acupuncture and they have thyroid problems, there’s a lot of sagging and heaviness and bogginess and fluid going on in that neck area So it really is tied in with thyroid problems so it can help to improve circulation around the thyroid gland as well to do these Facial sagging neck jaw and jowl area Yoga exercises and as I said if you sit a lot at a computer or drive a lot these are going to really counteract a lot of that forward crouch motion that you do every day So those are our three-neck exercises. Have fun doing them as many times as you want every day, and I look forward to seeing you at our next installment of Facial Yoga.

So happy Facial Yoga-ing and have a wonderful day. Bye!.

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Sagging Neck Jaw And Jowl Area

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