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The Shift To Biosphere Consciousness

there’s a basic change going on with a younger generation as strange to older people there’s a change in the way you define freedom the way you define power and the way you define community and these changes really suggest a real revolution for my generation and generations before me freedom was very simple to be free is to be an autonomous agent to be self-sufficient to be independent to be not beholden to others to be an island to oneself so that one can have freedom as exclusivity for the younger generation to grow up on the Internet autonomy is death being an island to oneself is death because for your generation you ask the question how can I flourish to the full extent of my possibilities on the planet and it’s clear that your answer to that is I flourished in the internet that I’m embedded in community after community where I can share my talents and those talents can benefit the network and come back to benefit myself

I’m free because I have access and for you freedom is not exclusivity it’s impulsivity you have a different sensibility about power which makes the older generation very nervous we essentially believe that power always has to be a pyramid it goes from the top down that is power there’s no other way to define power a pyramid but if young people to grow up on the Internet is strange because you grew up thinking that power has to do with the net which you’re engaged in for you power is not vertical its lateral for you power is being a mesh in network after network where you benefit each other open source and finally I think most importantly we’re seeing a change in the way a younger generation Persis identity to community I grew up in a patient state we were very clear on community that is each individual is born to be an autonomous agent and we’re each sovereign and each of us to compete with other sovereign individuals in the marketplace for scarce resources in a zero-sum game

our nation’s represent us because there are Sophists and they represent all the millions of individual citizens who are sovereigns against other nations and each nation then competes with every other nation for scarce resources in the marketplace for the battlefield in a zero-sum game here’s my question is anyone here believe that we’re gonna be able to address climate change and bring the human family together and take our responsibility for our fellow creatures in the earth we live in with that worldview anybody what we’re beginning to see was a younger generation then I don’t want to overstretch this but I’m beginning to sense a shift from geopolitics to biosphere consciousness the biosphere is that 19 kilometers from the stratosphere the ocean we’re all life and all the chemicals on the planet interact to maintain eco systems biology deals these kids and learning ecological footprint we actually have young people coming home and at dinnertime

they’re asking their parents where the hamburger came from on the table it’s saying that hamburger come from a rainforest did they have to destroy the trees for four little inches of topsoil which only gives you three years of grazing so that that count can become my hamburger and when those trees are destroyed for the topsoil to graze the cost of the hamper the kids are smart enough to understand that those trees Harbor rare species of plant animal I could only live in those candidates they go stink and then they connect the dots if the trees disappear the soil to graze the cow for the hamburger those trees are not there to absorb co2 from industrial emissions and that means the temperature the planet goes up they’re beginning to understand that everything each of us does intimately affects some other human being some other creature and the planet we live in we live in an indivisible biosphere community there’s no escape this isn’t just academic our well-being depends on the well-being of the whole system and all the creatures in it we all have to really come together we’ve got one generation to lay down this new Mouse for consciousness pass on this legacy so when your grandchildren look back at you they can say you did the right thing he helped replenish the planet got us off carbon I’m sure a proper respect to generations not yet here including our fellow creatures you you

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