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How The Food You Eat Affects Your Brain

Junk Food Affects The Brain​

junk food affects the brain​Translator Fatima Zahra El Hafa Auditor, Ahmad Altamimi Your brain in relation to food. If you absorb all the moisture from your brain And you divided it into the nutritional content that it constitutes, How will it look Most of the weight of your dehydrated brain comes from fat? Also known as lipids In the remaining brain material, you will find proteins and amino acids And effects of micronutrients And glucose. The brain is, of course, more than just the sum of its food parts junk food affects the brain​, But each component has a clear action effect And development And mood And energy So that lukewarm after lunch, Or that late-night awakening that you might feel It may simply be caused by the effects Of food on the brain Among the fats in your brain, they are omega 3 and 6. These essential fatty acids, Which have been linked to preventing degenerative brain conditions. It should come from our diets, So eat foods, rich in omegala, Like nuts And seeds And fatty fish. It is important for the creation and maintenance of cell membranes And, while omega is a good fat for your brain Long-term consumption of other fats such as unsaturated and saturated fats. It may affect brain health.

Meanwhile, proteins and amino acids, Building nutrients for growth and development Control, how we feel and behave Amino acids contain precursors of neurotransmitters Chemical messengers that carry signals between nerve cells. It affects things like mood And sleeps And attention And weight. It is one of the reasons you may feel comfortable after eating a large plate of pasta Or by being awake after a protein-rich meal, The complex combinations of compounds in food, not junk food affects the brain​. It can stimulate brain cells to release the mood-altering hormone, norepinephrine And dopamine, And serotonin, But access to brain cells is difficult And amino acids must compete for limited access.

A diet with a variety of foods helps maintain a balanced mix Of the messengers of the brain beware junk food affects the brain​, And it keeps your mood from drifting to one side Like the rest of the systems in our body. Our brains also benefit from a regular supply of micronutrients. It contains antioxidants in fruits and vegetables By boosting the brain to fight free radicals that destroy brain cells, To enable the brain to function well for a longer period of time And without strong micronutrients Like vitamins, B6 And B12, And folic acid, Our brains, will be vulnerable To brain disease and mental state decline,

Trace amounts of iron and minerals And copper And zinc, And sodium Also important for brain health and the beginning of cognitive development For the brain to efficiently transform and synthesize These valuable nutrients. It needs fuel and a lot of it, Whereas the human brain makes up only about 2 % of our body weight. It uses about 20 % of our energy resources. Most of this energy comes from carbohydrates That our body digests into glucose or blood sugar

Frontal lobes are extremely sensitive to glucose droplets. In fact, junk food affects the brain​ Any change in brain function is one of the main indicators For lack of nutrients, Assuming we are getting regular glucose. So how could this particular type of carbohydrate we eat affect our brains? Carbohydrates, come in three forms: Starch And sugar, And fiber, While in most nutrition labels, They are all combined as one total carbohydrate mass The proportion of sugar and fiber subgroups for the whole quantity. It affects how the body and the brain respond A food with a high percentage of sugar, such as white bread. It leads to a rapid secretion of glucose into the blood. Then comes the drop Our blood sugar drops and so does our attention and mood. On the other hand, oats grains and legumes have a slower secretion of glucose

This allows for a more stable level of attention For continuous brainpower. Therefore, choosing a varied diet from foods rich in nutrients is very important When it comes to what you bite chew and swallow Your choices have a direct and long-term impact On the strongest organ. So don’t put junk food affects the brain​In your body…


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Junk Food Affects The Brain​

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