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Alternative Medicine & Fasts : Do Magnets Help With Pain Relief?

Hi, my name is Dr. Kim Makoia, I’m a holistic chiropractor from San Fransisco, and this is, do magnets help with pain relief. Pain can stem from a number of factors, so what’s good for one form of pain isn’t always good for another pain. It’s always good to check in with your physician if you have serious pain, especially one that is unresolving. In terms of Magna-therapy, some people have found that magnets do tend to reduce the intensity of their pain.

Some of the magnets- there are many different strengths of magnets available. The weakest magnets are like the ones found in your typical refrigerator magnets, business card magnets. There’s a stronger form of magnet called a rare earth magnet, which is frequently used in therapeutic grade magnet healing devices. And to see if those things may or may not help your pain, you usually put the magnet over the area of pain and people sometimes find that the north side is more helpful sometimes the south side, it just depends on what’s going on.

You definitely wouldn’t want to use a strong rare earth magnet if you have a pacemaker or anything like that.

And a lot of people caution against using strong magnets around the head because there’s a lot of electro sensitive tissue in the brain. And the safety of using strong magnets around the brain is still unknown. So do magnets help with pain? Maybe…

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