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Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water – Dr. Berg

The Science Behind Alkaline Water: Separating Fact from Fiction

Title: The Truth About Alkaline Water: Separating Fact from FictionIntroduction: In this blog post, we will delve into the topic of alkaline water and its effects on the body. Alkaline water has gained popularity in recent years, with claims of numerous health benefits. However Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker, it is essential to understand the science behind alkaline water and its potential impact on our health. In this video, the speaker shares their professional insights and experiences regarding alkaline water, shedding light on its potential drawbacks. Let’s explore the key points discussed in the video. Understanding Alkaline Water: The speaker begins by explaining that certain types of bottled water, such as artesian, well, and spring water, naturally contain alkaline minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and bicarbonates. These minerals contribute to the alkalinity of the water.

Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water – Dr. Berg

The Importance of Natural Acidity and the Risks of Artificially Alkaline Water

However, the process of artificially making water alkaline using a machine is different. Artificial Alkalinity: Unlike naturally alkaline water, which contains minerals, alkaline water produced by machines involves splitting apart water molecules with electricity to artificially increase alkalinity. Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker The speaker highlights that in their 29 years of practice, they have observed individuals who consumed alkaline water and exhibited a high pH level of 9 in their urine. This alkaline pH level in urine can create an environment conducive to microbial growth, as acidic urine helps kill off microbes. The Importance of Acidity in the Body: The speaker emphasizes that three fluids in the body should naturally be acidic: the stomach, the large bowel, and the urine. These acidic environments serve specific purposes, such as aiding in protein digestion, mineral absorption, and microbial control.

Understanding the Risks of Artificially Alkaline Water and the Benefits of Natural Sources

Consuming alkaline water, which disrupts the natural acidity of these fluids, can lead to digestive issues, imbalances in electrolyte absorption, and potential problems with the heart. Potential Risks and Conclusion: The speaker concludes by stating that they do not recommend consuming artificially alkaline water. Instead, they suggest obtaining alkaline water naturally, through sources that contain alkaline minerals. Hydrogen Alkaline Water makerThis way, the body’s natural acidic balance is maintained, ensuring proper digestion, microbial control, and electrolyte absorption. In summary, alkaline water produced by machines artificially alters the body’s natural chemistry, potentially leading to imbalances and health issues. It is crucial to understand the science behind alkaline water and make informed decisions about its consumption. Natural alkaline water sources, containing alkaline minerals, are a safer option for those seeking alkaline water benefits. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

Unveiling the Truth about Alkaline Water: Insights from a Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker

Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker We appreciate your interest and hope that the information provided has been helpful in understanding the truth about alkaline water.

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