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How to Make Money with a Faceless YouTube Channel like Facts

Recently stumbled upon this insane channel thatgets over 50 million views over the last 30 daysjust talking about facts.Just look at the averagedaily views.The chain green is the amount of videoviews.This channel gets every single day, over1 million two million, almost 3 million views onthis day.That’S every day of the week, so in thisvideo, what I’ll be doing is running through theapproach that this channel takes to see how hardor easy a channel like this is to start this wouldwork.Even if you’re starting a faceless, Channelyou appreciate these kinds of videos, you couldeasily repay me with just one simple click of thelike button: it’s reasonably priced and it takesjust one.Second, now that we got that out of theway, let’s take a look at this channel.Well, LukeDavidson, facts and I’m guessing.

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This is LukeDavidson who apparently has a total lifetimeviews of 2.84 billion, just let that sink in allthe video views for each day of the week, thereare some days that it’s a little bit over 1million views and some days even closer to3 million views.But it’s safe to say according toSocial bleed that the daily average views is overone million, seven hundred thousand the next thingis the money and he seems to be making a lot of itthe estimated earnings each day arranges anywherein between 300 to 11 000 per day.Well, that’s aHeidi, but on average it’s between 300 and 5 000which is a monthly average of Thirteen thousand totwo hundred thousand per month just from YouTubead Revenue.But I say that because he has otherrevenue streams and if that wasn’t enough, nowcombine all of those views and that amount ofmoney each month with this kind of growth overthe past 30 days, thirty thousand new subscribersokay.

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Okay, let’s see what these videos are actuallyabout just head down to the videos tab on his homepage.You might be shocked to see that the lastvideos uploaded eight months ago now wait.Thisjust doesn’t really add up because eight monthsago and he makes 53 million views still thisis, because even though the last few long formvideos has hundreds of thousands of views, whathe does know, is only post YouTube shots.So whenyou hit the shorts tab.You would see all of hisrecent content and this Creator posts daily and ifyou just have a look at the amount of views.Overthe past most recent videos, you might say thatthe amount of subscribers that he has yeah eventhough.It’S 3.7 million.The ratio of the amountof views on some of these recent videos is stillreally good.It’S excellent, but check this out.Asi click the popular tab.This is in scene.The mostpopular video is 52 million views and you have toactually scroll while you’re still seeing videosthat has over 10 20 30 million views.

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Maybe it’sbecause people are generally curious about factsbecause according to tubebuddy in the keywordExplorer Fox gets searched millions of timeseach month 3.18 million times to be exact.Andthe interest over time is always high, but whoknows.This is not a fact why his videos blow upbut.You should subscribe.If you haven’t done soalready now, that’s the fact: let’s see what one ofthe popular videos will look like to see what allthe fuss is about this one that has 52 millionviews and facts.You didn’t know that could saveyour life now after looking at this entire videowhat I’ve realized.Is that not rocket science oranything?It’S just 10 facts being read: that’sit!Well, there’s some photos of stock footageas.Well, but that’s all there is to it.Here’S onemore five viral photos that are actually fake foragain.It’S just a list of something in this caseit’s five viral photos that are actually fake, soit shows two photos.

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One of the viral photo andone with the evidence that it’s fake, with abrief explanation for each one and just like onesentence, so you must be wondering right now, howeasy or how hard this is to start well let’sfind out.Well.The first thing is the scriptor more like facts which you can easily findright over on Google.Now it can be any typesof facts and by type in facts into Google andletters before or after the word facts differentsuggestions would show up, but for Simplicity, andfor having something similar to that video thatgot 50 million views then search for somethinglike, 10 life-saving facts.You would find a lotof them here and what I would recommend is notusing all from the same article.

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You should getreally interesting ones from each of the topranking articles here, maybe open some of themup in different tabs copy, the ones that you findinteresting or life-saving and then do the samething in the other articles go grab the fact andcopy it is it and then save them Somewhere orwhether, it’s a Google doc, a Word document, whereveryou like to save your stuff and then for each ofthose points find a photo online or of some videofootage.That explains that fact, like you, can grabthis one here or photo similar to this one: a sitelike pixaby, where you can get access to photosand videos that are royalty, free and, as I saidyou can choose videos as well, then, once you havethat, the next thing you can Use is one of thesefree teleprompter apps so that you can read thelist of facts without having to actually rememberanything, while they’re recording yourself lookingat the front facing camera on your phone well thatis, if you’re, even comfortable with being on cameraand.

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If you’re not well, that’s okay, because thatmeans the video is going to be even easier tomake.This is because no all you’ll have to dois.Read the video script record, your voice, inany free, recording, app on your phone or softwareon.Your PC use a free software like openshot.rgdrag and drop your photo video over the audio filewith little to no editing.I know this guy has thefootage on the in the background or on the toppart of the YouTube short you can just cover.Yourentire screen with 40 did from one of these clipsthat you can find on a site like pixaby but fromthere.It seems pretty straightforward.In thatwhether, you decide to do a faceless Channel.Ora feast Channel, like this guy, be consistent, withyour quality and posting with the aim of gettingviews, just like this one day with the real benefitof those views now, as I mentioned, while this guyis on camera building, his personal brand there’sthis channel, will win this other video here.

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Thatis completely faceless with way easier and shortervideos that is still getting millions of views socheck that video out next, if you’re curiousabout starting a faceless channel that gets alot of views.That, of course helps you make somemoney along the way.So I’ll see you over there

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