Simple Health Exercises

Tracking Blood Pressure: Check. Change. Control.

since under Nollan I have been taking out one blueprints meant by tracking your numbers then you're able to see firsthand where you are in that process of achieving that goal of where you want to be in terms of your blood pressure but it wasn't high but the fact that it was going towards high made me say well hold on I don't want to get there because I know as I get older this body breaks down so I wanted to know what I needed to do now to bring it under control and then what do I do to keep it under control in this program here help me to show me how to manage it although achieving a better blood pressure is the ultimate goal the process of getting there and those smaller goals were equally as important I have been pushing myself to walk and all of that I know has really helped my blood pressure it's there were reports of improved diet there were reports of more exercise participants taking advantage of guidance and coping with stress as well and so what it has done for me is to make me aware wherever I am now this is I don't want to be that I want to bring it down cardiac events and alright is the number one killer heart disease is the number one killer in the world so that changed a lot of perspectives on you know you know blood pressure is one of those risk factors in order to ensure that our country remains healthy and that lives are saved I encourage each of you to take charge of your health and to know your numbers you

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