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Color Of The Urine Meaning

Changes to color of the urine as you put between 1 and 1.5 liters of urine a day, but most of us do not care For our liquid waste. So what can Polk say about you? Is it possible to be a general indicator of the health of the body? Before you urinate, the kidneys filter the dissolved waste into the water by absorbing it for the nutrients it needs Keep sugar on the body, for example, and get rid of things that your body does not need as toxins. Then the liquid flows to your place where it is stored until it finally runs Operation put forward If your urine is brown, this may mean that you are eating a lot of Rwandan herbs or beans or aloe plant And also possible to be a side effect of some drugs such as laxatives, muscle relaxants and antibiotics Or more seriously may indicate a defect in the liver or kidney disease. If you see violet, it is likely to suffer from a rare genetic disease called porphyria. Porphyria causes a decrease in the enzymes that secrete hemat in your blood, Which is an essential part of red blood cells Green Paul? It is possible to refer to a new drug or vitamin.

Some pigments are green foods It can not be absorbed by your body so it is put in the urine, so green does not always mean Be especially careful after St. Patrick’s Day. If color of the urine is blue, you may have hypercalcemia, a genetic disease Children get high blood calcium, also known as blue diaper syndrome. Some medications contain methyl blue, which can change urine color to blue or green If your urine is pink or red, it is possible to have blood in your urine. This is possible to return For many cases such as enlarged prostate or bladder cancer and even chronic lead poisoning. But the red color can also be the result of different types of medicines or eat greasy colored foods Such as beetroot and blackberries. In fact Bituria is the term used To indicate the pink urine after eating the beets If your urine is orange, this may indicate a large intake of foods Which contain vitamin C or carotene as the islands.

color of the urine

It is also possible to produce drugs Such as the pyridium, which is given to patients with urinary tract infections Which makes urine orange color Normally, the color of the urine should be yellow and the color of the urine is urubin Which results from the disintegration of the hem “the main part of your blood” Depending on the amount of water in your body, it may be light or concentrated in the urublin. Hazel color, this means that your blood re-absorbed a large amount of water To keep you moist, so now there is a high concentration of urublane in your urine Making polk acquire the honey color. You have to drink water now. Dark yellow, this is normal but there is plenty of uruboline so you should drink water immediately. No color of color of the urine means you drank a large amount of water.

Color of the urine it can also mean that you consumed the caffeine Or alcohol in your body, which leads to inhibition of the body’s ability to re-absorb the fluid in the kidney Which means you urinate a lot of water Transparent yellow means you are natural and hygienically wet.

Color Of The Urine Meaning

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