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The Two Minute Meditation Anyone Can Do

Meditation everyone should do takes just minutes, while many people want to incorporate more mindfulness and meditative practices into their lives. I think it can seem daunting besides, there’s hardly enough time in one day to get in the recommended amount of physical activity. Breathing is a natural object of meditation and an easy introduction to the practice. By putting attention on your breath, you can change your state of consciousness, begin to relax and detach from ordinary awareness. My favorite form of breath work is the 4278 method or relaxing breath exercise. Here’S how one sit or lie in a comfortable position, eyes closed and place the tip of your tongue, just behind your upper teeth throughout the session to exhale completely through your mouth. Making a gentle wish sound three close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to account of 44 hold your breath for a count of seven five exhale completely through your mouth, push to a count of eight six inhale and repeat the cycle three more times. The practice takes less than two minutes to complete and the cool thing is you do not need to stop all your thoughts. In fact, emptying your mind for prolonged periods of time is not possible. All you need to do to move in the direction of relaxation is breathe deeply and count enjoy balanced body alignment therapy body alignment therapy, the organization of the human body of movement. Thank you. Http colon double forward, slash, balanced body alignment; UK


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