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Shrink Your ENLARGED PROSTATE and Fix Urine Flow

boy this large prostate situation is extremely common as the man ages one out of two that’s 50 will get an enlarged prostate and this is called benign prostatic hyperplasia which basically means an enlarged prostate now before i get into what to do because this is actually not a terribly complex problem if you understand it and also there’s a great solution which i’m going to get to but i want to just first differentiate what is the difference between bph and cancer of the prostate are they similar they’re not too similar in fact they’re pretty different in cancer you have these normal cells that then get damaged specifically the mitochondria and then they switch over to cancer cells okay and so with prostate cancer that can spread through the body and it can kill you it’s very deadly but with bph it’s benign which means it’s not going to spread it’s not going to turn into cancer it is not deadly now with the symptoms of prostate cancer you’re going to get blood in the urine you’re gonna get blood in the semen you’re gonna have painful urination you’re gonna have a difficult time with an erection you may have pain with ejaculation and so the symptoms are are very different than bph where really this involves just the urinary tract mostly you’re going to get up to the night and want to urinate you may have the urge to urinate but can’t urinate or you can’t fully eliminate the bladder so it’s a bit incomplete so with bph you just have a lot of different urination issues simply because the prostate is a gland and it wraps around the urethra which is a little tube from your urinary bladder that comes out through your penis and as the prostate enlarges it obstructs the tube and you’re not able to fully eliminate freely all the urine that’s supposed to come out through the urinary bladder so you’re going to start and stop and start and stop and have dribbling and all sorts of issues but the prostate should only be the size of a walnut but it can actually get quite large now with the prostate cancer a big question is will phytonutrients specifically phytoestrogens make things worse there are certain compounds in herbs and vegetables that mimic estrogens okay they’re called phytoestrogens and we know estrogen dominance in general can cause cancer in women breast cancer and also men as well and a lot of the chemicals in the environment mimic estrogen like the pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides heavy metals they’re all considered estrogen disruptors or endocrine disruptors but when we get to plant-based estrogens like phytoestrogens there’s a couple things you need to know with phytoestrogens you can prevent prostate cancer you can slow down the progression if you have prostate cancer in the early stages but if you’re in a stage of three or four or more you may want to hesitate because there is some data that these phytoestrogens can actually make things worse but i want to make a side note the studies that i read on this were relating to castrated males so if someone’s castrated and they have advanced stages of cancer they should not consume any phytoestrogens even in small amounts because it can make things worse however the purpose of this video is to focus more on enlarged prostate so let’s talk about that so there’s two main theories about why men develop a benign prostatic hyperplasia and based on all the data that i’ve read i think both of these series are true and they both work together the first theory has to do with as a man ages okay their testosterone goes down and both men and women have both testosterone and estrogen and so as a man ages as their testosterone goes down their estrogen goes up in relationship so they have this ratio of lowered testosterone and higher estrogen that’s what occurs with aging and if anything can be said about bph it is that it’s involved with aging factors of aging so number one we have lower testosterone and higher levels of estrogen and estrogen makes things grow especially the prostate estrogen also can cause your pituitary to trigger another hormone called prolactin that can also enlarge the prostate as one ages many times they gain more weight they have more fat and the more fat you have the more estrogen you’re going to have to because there’s a certain enzyme that will convert your testosterone to estrogen and that enzyme is called aromatase and this happens in both men and women and if your liver is in damage let’s say it’s inflamed let’s say you have a fatty liver or you have cirrhosis scar tissue the liver you’re going to generate more estrogen i’m sorry to have to tell you this if you like to drink beer but alcohol especially beer will affect the liver in that you’re going to raise your estrogen levels a lot higher than your testosterone so alcohol in general lower your testosterone and raise your estrogen okay the other thing that i want to mention and this is this is important to understand there’s three types of estrogen okay you got estrogen one two and three and these estrogens out there they kind of connect to these little receptors okay in different parts of the body it’s only the estrogen ii that can enlarge the prostate not estrogen one or estrogen three and all those phytoestrogens those plant-based compounds that affect estrogen only affect estrogen number one not two not three so phytoestrogens do not enlarge a prostate however they do attempt to go into the receptors in estrogen ii and end up blocking them so other types of estrogen cannot create the effect so they help lower the estrogen too which indirectly protects you against this prostate enlargement problem so when you hear all this information out there about plant-based estrogens enlarging your prostate it’s absolutely not true it’s not going to happen all right the second part of this puzzle involves testosterone as your testosterone decreases you also have a powerful form of testosterone called dht okay that increases dhc is responsible for hair loss it’s also responsible for the enlargement of your prostate so as you age you have lower testosterone and higher levels of dht those people that have genetic problems where they can’t make dht never develop in a large prostate so the question is what’s making more of this dht well this relates to another enzyme okay the name of that enzyme is called 5-alpha reductase and if you have too much of that enzyme you’re going to get too much dht and that could potentially enlarge your prostate all right so now that you know both mechanisms uh what can we do about it okay well the first strategy is to start consuming more phytoestrogens okay that’s going to help you and there’s a real common one called genenstein that a lot of people take for an enlarged prostate and genisan is a phytoestrogen that’s in a lot of legumes it’s in a lot of different things that can help with this enlarged prostate uh the next thing is cruciferous vegetables kale broccoli brussels sprouts cabbage all increase the amount of phytoestrogens in the body so you should start eating those foods on a regular basis they will not increase the estrogen number two they’ll block it to prevent other things from entering into that receptor that can cause enlarged prostate now the next two strategies involving blocking those two enzymes one of the enzymes called aromatase and that’s the one that converts testosterone into estrogen okay and that’s in your fat cells it’s in other cells and so you want to take aromatase inhibitors okay now certain medications for the prostate do it synthetically i recommend doing the natural versions of that and believe it or not i released a video recently by blending the entire lemon the lemon peel the white part the seeds everything every morning with some stevia and you blend it in some water and drink that apparently citrus peels okay from lemons and limes can act as an aromatase inhibitor so if you haven’t seen that video i put it down below it’s a real easy thing to do and it’ll also give you a lot of vitamin c and other things as well another really powerful aromatase inhibitor is stinging nettle root i like stinging nettle root a lot because it’s a great anti-inflammatory as well so if you have arthritis definitely want to take that one and then the other one is dim okay dim is a concentrated cruciferous compound that you can take as a supplement and greatly help in the balance of excessive amounts of estrogen and then the third category is to block the other enzyme called 5-alpha reductase and so you want to inhibit that enzyme and that would be by taking saw palmetto which you probably already heard that’s good for the prostate also pumpkin seeds will help reduce that enzyme and green tea will reduce that enzyme and zinc will help produce that enzyme so now you know why it works but on the flip side you also want to avoid certain things too high levels of insulin can act as a growth factor for your prostate so you definitely need to go low carb as well as doing intermittent fasting i would also avoid dairy products because dairy has some estrogenic compounds and you may have already connected the dots between times that you for supper had more dairy and then that night you’re getting up having more urination problems or having problems avoiding so dairy is a is a factor uh then we have alcohol okay if you want a good alternative for alcohol i would um try kombucha tea it’s similar in texture to beer and it gives you a nice relaxation effect now the other point i want to bring up is plastics i’ve done a whole video on this but unfortunately the plastics in our environment are mimicking estrogen and creating some serious problems especially with an enlarged prostate an average person in the u.s consumes the amount of nano plastics that would equal the size of a credit card so i do have a video on that and i put that down below as well if you’re drinking water and without a filter like tap water you’re going to be getting a lot of compounds that mimic estrogen as well especially those plastics so you want to get a water filter for your house and then you have the hormones and the foods right so if you’re not consuming many organic foods and you eat out at a fast food restaurant you’re getting a lot of hormones that are coming from the animal products that are being mimicked from the pesticides herbicides fungicides things like that now as a really simple thing that you can do right off the bat is to start including whole lemons okay in the blender with water every time you get up in the morning if you haven’t seen that video i’m going to put it up right here check it out

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