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Recipe for Heart-Healthy Living

This is low sodium veggie broth… The class that I’m cooking for is actually a support group that I started for patients who have recently experienced a heart attack or a bypass surgery or even maybe just had a stent placed. When I became a cardiac rehab nurse, I noticed that, you know, we had resources in place for patients to learn how to exercise. We have resources for them to talk about eating. But we didn’t have a good source for emotional support.

There’s a lot of studies out there that really show that social support is huge in healing, and I think that’s what this class does. It focuses not only on the spiritual support part of it, but also on the healthy eating part of it. With my disease, it can be such a mental thing, and I was coming out of my second heart attack. And the angina symptoms that I would, you know, would feel would get into my head. It would just become so mental, and then I would just circle around and around in my head, so it was nice to come to a support group and talk to Amanda.


And having that understanding that we all can relate to each other and that we all help each other, support each other, love on each other and know that, you know, we’re kind of in this together, and it’s okay. I feel very invested that healthy cooking can taste good, and I want patients to know that. I know that what this does for patients is good and they really benefit from it. I think in medicine, frequently it’s hard to find joy in your work, so I have to consciously find ways to find joy in my work, and this is one of the ways I do that. And seeing these patients together and their interactions, brings me a lot of joy..

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