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How To Fix RSI Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI Repetitive Strain Injury Hand

So many images that both my arms had RSI repetitive strain injury hand and I can really do any more work, so I had to find a solution and for me, the solution was actually outsourcing to the Philippines and finding great staff here and, of course now. Hi, my name is Rebecca, and the founder of 360 factory dot-com behind here you see our image editing facility in Davao City and the Philippines, and the whole reason why I got started in the image. Editing was because it was six o’clock in the morning. The Sun was coming up and I really wasn’t going to be able to meet my deadline for my client. I was a photographer and doing 360 photography of products and it’s actually I’ve been editing.

That is something that we offer to you as a photographer: maybe you’re, not a photographer, maybe you’re just here to watch the RSI exercise, video that I’m posting here on youtube. So when you set – and you work on your computer for a long period of time, it’s really important to take breaks and every hour or every two hours, you should use your iPhone or your smartphone just to put down a timer so that you remember to Take a break because that’s the way to minimize your you getting RSI repetitive strain injury hand, basically there’s a couple of exercises that you can do they’re pretty basic and it’s important to just have your shoulders back and down on both sides.RSI repetitive strain injury hand

And then it’s not really. It’s not a false movement, it’s actually a slow movement, because what happens when you sit and work is that you get crunched over like that, and you sit like this all day, so by leaning back and standing up and actually doing ten of these you, you start Improving you, wake up the small muscles in your back right, so the technique is to have your arms and ninety degrees and then lift them slowly up, but keeping your shoulders down. Okay RSI repetitive strain injury hand, so you can do ten of those, and you should maybe do three repetitions.

Okay, the other thing to do is to stretch – and you basically you do that by just stretching your arm like that, there are two ways to do it. You can stretch your arm that way and you can stretch your arm that way. It’s actually a way of doing this. At the same time, you can start off with your hands like this and then you go down and up and then down and you stretch and then you go back up right – that that really helps you and improve your circulation in the arm and also It changes the movements that you’re doing when you sit and work. You should try to have a 90-degree angle from your shoulder and down, and you shouldn’t be leaning forward, so try to sit with a straight back and the movement should be like this, so we actually use a mouse and we also use tablets.

A tablet is the pen device and we encourage to if you’re editing a lot of images, we actually encourage you to get a bamboo tablet from welcome or any other supplier. The Wacom is is a little bit better than the other ones. So if you want to invest a little bit more money, then you can do that, but other ones are fine. I said Waldo said here earlier. If you haven’t tried the Wacom tablet, then the other tablets are fine.

Also, some finger exercises that you can do. One is just simple, simple exercises like this. You can also do your fingers like this, so you basically do them in and out so you do like that, and you do like that, and this is something you can do not only in front of the desk, but you can also do it on the way To work so, if you have a mouse arm or you sit in front of the computer a lot you can do, these exercises right, just improves the movement in your hand and starts using all the muscles in your hand. Yeah. Another thing you can do, holds your hands to get it like that, and you start by moving your thumbs back and forth, and then you take them apart.

So you move your fingers back and forth, and then you take them apart yeah I can force like this move them apart, move them back and forth, move them apart. The little finger always struggles with a little finger, but their minimal part, and then what you do is you cross over right? You cross over, like that which is good for, for I can’t do the little finger, but this is really good for just giving you’re giving your fingers a break and doing a little bit of different movement. So I try to do this on actually do this on the tube in London. When I go to work, because I stayed in front of there, so just using the danger when editing images, all the time is that you do the same kind of movement.

So, by doing these kinds of exercises, you’re actually improving you’re using more of your muscles. So that’s really good. Another thing is just to do this. Just simple again, just move your fingers in and out like that, make your fist. You can also shake your hands and a really good one is if you’re driving in a car.

You need to lift up your hand like this. Basically, let it fall and then lift it back up. Let it fall, and lift it back up. Let it fall, lift it back up and I do intervals of 12 okay because that is something that works for me. But you can do ten or eight or whatever.

Another thing to do is to actually again hold your shoulders down and then just bring your back, your angel wings together. So this is also a very small movement and you’re actually just pulling them back. Okay, so you can do twelve of those as well. So you, your angel wings, are going down and towards each other, because what happens is that we sit like this, and then our back gets a bit messed up. So we have to put your angel wings backward, okay and so take.

Take breaks often use different equipment to work, use a mouse use a tablet swap hands, use your left-hand train your left hand to do it as well, and figure out how to use as many shortcuts as possible. So ctrl s is ctrl, save right and there are lots of them. There are lots! RSI repetitive strain injury hand That’s why you have a keyboard because this will the shortcuts another exercise to do for your back, if you’re having trouble with your back is actually to lie on your stomach and then lift yourself up on your hands like this and then time Yourself for one minute and then do three repetitions. If you can only do 30 seconds, that’s okay, then you do three times 30 seconds just hold like that.

RSI repetitive strain injury hand It’s Also Possible You’ll feel that in your stomach, but it’s actually really good for your back as well. Thank you for watching this video on RSI. My name is Roland Becker, I’m the founder of 360 factory comm, we’re an image, and editing specialist based here in Davao City in the Philippines, and remember to take breaks because that would really save your arm and your whole body.

Thank you for watching this and bye-bye.

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RSI Repetitive Strain Injury Hand

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