Simple Health Wellbeing Tips

The Brain Training Salad

You have to work with your brain to get the best results. Pay attention to the cues that it frequently sends. Don’t wait for it to go red alert on you. Engage in training sessions and enforce its abilities before you are faced with such horrifying scenario.

You can get your brain to run in full mode using the lazy eight routine. It is specifically designed to enhance the level of focus needed to maximize your reading time. Choose a spot preferably a wall and sit or stand in front of it. Begin staring at a particular point within eye level.

Draw an imaginary figure of eight on the wall. Complete one full round of tracing then go back to your predetermined point. Execute the step again but this time around do it in reverse. The number to aim for is 10 making sure that each direction is covered per lap. Keep your neck muscles relaxed throughout the procedure while minimizing head movements.

A patent blood flow to the brain is essential in keeping it healthy. You can utilize a power yawn in order to relax the muscles of your face and mouth. This will improve circulation in nearby areas of he brain.

Take a comfortable sitting position. Gently massage the muscles situated on your jaw and cheekbone area. Mild to moderate pressure should be applied. For two to three minutes ignore everything around you and focus on what you have to achieve. By doing so, you will come out of the exercise feeling revived and ready to take on the challenge at hand.

Chess is a classic board game that can test your critical thinking skills. It allows you to focus on the game and trace future moves that can result into a win. If you are tired of playing with predictable individuals in your house or neighborhood you can rely on the World Wide Web to bring forth a roster of international online players willing to take your king down.

Music does not only help the brain relax as it can also be a tool that can keep your control unit alert and active. How so? You can do it by creating your own music. Take on the complexities involved in learning how to master an instrument. According to research, children who engage in piano lessons at an early age perform well in school specifically in mathematics.

Your brain needs to freshen up once in a while. Move away from the monotonous sights, sounds, and smells in your life. A day of driving home using a different route can make a big difference. Open up new pathways so as to increase awareness and interest thereby stimulating brain activity.

Although technology is around to make your life easier, take some time off from your calculator and do your math mentally. Run the figures in your head to make sure that your brain is far from rusting. Memorize contacts and addresses which may come in handy when your phone’s dead.

Observe the relaxation that visualization has to offer. Along the way you have the chance to sharpen your mental capability. Choose a place or object. Get the details and write it down or better yet do some sketching.

There are tons of ways to win the brain training game. You don’t need a PhD to move up to greater heights. Bear in mind the power is in you.

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