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How to STOP Acid Reflux Instantly

How to completely stop acid reflux in minutes

I want to show you how to completely stop acid reflux once and for all.I had acid reflux really bad in college.I was downing massive amounts of tums not having a clue of what caused it.I really wish i knew back then what i know now, because it would have been so easy to correct.I mean just months and months of suffering, this terrible heartburn i’d have to kind of sit up like propped up in my bed to try to have it drain, because at night it would be terrible.So what is acid reflux?It’S a situation where you’re having acid?That’S regurgitating coming up through a valve into the esophagus, and that valve is called the lower esophageal sphincter.Now.The most important thing to know about acid reflux is that it’s caused by not enough acid.Okay, there’s a deficiency of acid in your stomach and that acid is not triggering a certain mechanism to close the valve at the top of the stomach at the bottom of the esophagus, and then the valve doesn’t close, and so the acid regurgitates.So the term.

Why Your Stomach Needs Acidity for Optimal Health

For this low acid situation is called hypochlorhydria, that is the root cause of your heartburn, so that means low stomach acid there’s another condition called a chlorhydria which there’s no acid in your stomach, okay, and that happens with people as they get older and older.In fact, as we age, we lose the acid in our stomach and we have all sorts of digestive problems. 30 of the population over the age of 60 has a deficiency of stomach acid.So it’s a big deal.So what happens?Is we get on antacids?We take medication to deal with this and then, of course, the side effects from that are horrendous because we’re doing the exact opposite of what we should be doing.So it makes us feel better temporarily, but the next time we eat it gets worse and worse and worse and we never come off this medication.It is so important to ensure that our stomach has the right ph and the normal ph of the stomach should be between one and three.That is extremely acid.

How the Stomach’s Valve Can Cause GERD and How to Close

Okay, so on the ph scale you have seven being neutral, and so, if it goes up like eight nine ten, that’s more alkaline as it goes below seven.That is more acid in each whole number that you go down it’s by a factor of 10x.So, in other words, a ph of 5 is 10 times more acid than a ph of six okay.So, if we’re talking about a ph of one to three, that is extremely acidic and that’s what you really need to break down proteins to absorb minerals and vitamins like b12 and folic acid and vitamin c, and also another reason why we need it is to kill Off microbes fungus bacteria to prevent those microbes from growing in our small intestine.The key thing about the stomach as far as the release of that acid and the closing of that valve, is that there’s a link between the two, in other words, that valve normally should close.

How Hydrochloric Acid Keeps Your Stomach Healthy

If there’s enough of a certain chemical called gastrin that causes the release of hydrochloric acid, so this is communication from the level of acid to the valve and that the closing and opening of the valve and this whole thing is under parasympathetic control.Now, what does that mean?It’S under um, the part of the nervous system that controls digestion and rest okay, so that opposes the other system.That’S called the sympathetic which is the flight of fight.So what does that mean?The more stress that you have the more acid reflex you’re going to have to because, as you increase, the sympathetics you decrease the parasympathetic.So stress is another reason why we have a lot of problems with the stomach and the reason why we might have acid, reflux or another term, for that would be gerd now, there’s some other importances of having the right amount of acid, and i’m talking about hydrochloric Acid hydrochloric acid also helps you release bile from your gallbladder.

How Hydrochloric Acid Helps to Stop Acid Reflux

It helps to cause the gallbladder to contract and release the bile to help you extract fat, soluble vitamins from your food as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and help you break down fats.Also, this hydrochloric acid helps stimulate the pancreas to produce enzymes to help you digest food, so without that acid being at the right, ph you’re not going to have sufficient bile release and you’re not going to have sufficient enzymes released and that’s going to cause a lot Of other problems a little bit lower down in this chain reaction, and then what happens is you might have bacteria and fungus that then grows in the small intestine and that’s called sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and then every time you you just feel bloated.You feel distended, and this will definitely occur if you’re eating fiber and probiotics so yeah.That’S a that’s a situation.Also, one last thing about hydrochloric acid: you need the correct ph of the stomach to keep h pylori in check.

How to Fix Low Zinc Levels for Acid Reflux

Normally, our bodies have h pylori and it’s not creating any problem for us, but when we lose the stomach acid, then it comes out and it creates problems.So this is just another important reason why we need this hcl hydrochloric acid, in our stomach.The other thing that can mess us up in relationship to not having enough hydrochloric acid is low zinc, which is very common for so many people.If you’re low in zinc you’ll have a tendency to have problems with gerd as well as acid reflux as well as ulcers, so it takes a sufficient amount of zinc to make hydrochloric acid.It also takes other things like chlorides, as in sodium chloride like salt, to make hydrochloric acid.It also takes a good amount of potassium to make hydrochloric acid, so it might be.Your problem is really coming from a zinc deficiency.

Causes of GERD and how to prevent them

Maybe a chloride deficiency or even a potassium deficiency, so it’s not just about taking hydrochloric acid, it’s about taking the raw materials that can actually build up your your acid now.Another thing that a lot of doctors do not have any information about is the connection between taking calcium and having too much calcium and having acid, reflux or gerd.So one of the big side effects of taking a calcium antacid is acid reflux.It’S completely insane and the problem is, if you don’t understand a connection, you could be giving someone the absolute worst thing to give them for that condition.So, if you’re going to your doctor for this condition, definitely tell them to research the link between hypercalcemia and gerd or acid reflux, now people don’t just take calcium antacids.

How to take betaine hydrochloride to build up your hydrochlor

They take other types of medication for acid reflux, like ppis, for example, and the problem with those medications is that there’s some massive side effects like inflammation your kidney nephritis like getting fractures from osteoporosis, getting other pathogens like c diff.So there are a lot of side effects from these antacids all right, so here’s the plan.This is what i recommend the best remedy for this is to take something to build up your hydrochloric acid and that’s called betaine hydrochloride, and this is how you take it.You start off, taking like three right before a meal, see how you feel.Okay, let’s say you still have a problem, but it’s better.Next meal take four next meal, take five before a meal, and you keep increasing it until your symptoms go away, and it could take seven eight or more of these little petaine hydrochloride tablets before you have no more acid reflux.

How to Build Hydrochloric Acid Quickly and Easily

Now all this means is that you’re very deficient in this acid and you have to build it back up and it does take time.I would also recommend this so, let’s say, for example, you’re up to eight betaine hydrochloride, okay and your acid reflux goes away and you feel great.I would continue to take a little bit more until you start getting kind of like a maybe a heartburn or a warmness in your stomach, which means you’ve taken too much so then you can back off that way.You can know exactly how much you really need to fix.This problem number two make sure you’re getting enough potassium and sea salt in the diet, because those are the the precursors to building hydrochloric acid number.Three, i would make sure you’re getting sufficient zinc, which is also very important in this process and number four chew your food longer.

How to Chew Properly to Stop Acid Reflux

Okay, that’s going to assist this whole process, especially right now, if you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach um, you just need to chew more and that’s going to help this process and make everything go a little bit faster and number five make sure you Keep your stress down because uh stress could be aggravating the situation um.We don’t want you to be in a sympathetic, dominant mode.We want you to be in the parasympathetic where you’re relaxed, so you really want to put your body in a relaxed state when you eat, because it’s going to help your digestion now.On that note, i have another really good video that explains the entire digestive process.Okay, starting from the stomach going all the way down to the large intestine, that’s a really good video!You should watch that next and i put that video up right here check it out.You

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