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How To Stay Focused At Work And Avoid Distractions


How To Stay Focused At Work And Avoid Distractions

Do you have trouble staying focused at work or Stay Focused At Work? Do you get distracted by the bings and the dings and emails and people knocking on your door? Well in this video I’m gonna teach you how to stay focused at work with some tried and true techniques and if you stay tuned to the end I could have a free download where you can learn 10 amazing productivity hacks within a checklist that you can use to help you stay focused at work. Hi, if you’re new here, welcome. My name is Adriana Girdler, I’m a productivity expert with over 20-plus years in the business.

Staying focused at work matters so I’m gonna teach you some tried and true techniques so pay attention, wink wink! Start early.

If you’re in the habit of starting at a certain time, try to start at least fifteen to thirty minutes earlier than that. It truly makes it different, that extra bit of time in the morning dedicated to what you need to do and getting organized can really give you a fresh start and keep you on track which is critical for staying focused. Make a to-do list. Stay Focused At Work

Now, I want you actually to have several to-do lists, not from several separate things but I want you to look at it from several different perspectives.

Your to-do list should be one that’s long-term so you’re looking out like a month from now, even a couple months from now, you should have one that is looking out a week from now and one that you need for today. S̲t̲a̲y̲ ̲F̲o̲c̲u̲s̲e̲d̲ ̲A̲t̲ ̲W̲o̲r̲k̲ By doing that you can really analyze what is it that you have to do and you can start planning in advance for things accordingly and dropping it into your specific day for your to-do list. Now for today, what are you doing today? Pick three core things that you’re gonna work on, stuff that’s really important to you that’s going to help you achieve the overall goals that you’re trying to achieve, not just stuff because it has a deadline associated with it.

So, really keep to that to-do list, be disciplined with your to-do list, and think broadly as well as focus on what you have for today. To-do lists come in all shapes and sizes, some electronic, some are paper. Please tell me what is that you use for your to-do list, comment below. Confront blockages. So what I mean by this is, do the things that you really don’t want to be doing but are important and get them done.

This is why Facebook and Instagram are so popular when we have something that we know we have to do but we’re not excited about it but it’s really important still… What do we do? We tend to go on our social media, our computers and we get a little distracted and that distracted can lead to not just minutes of distractions, hours of distractions and then we really feel the pressure so I want you to focus on things that you have to get done, it is really important, and confront those roadblocks that you yourself are putting in front of you.

Just get it done, out of the way. Eliminate distractions. Small little things that we don’t even think about like talking to a colleague, stopping what we’re doing, answering a phone, or checking out an email actually all add up in regards to us not having the time we need to get our work done let alone anything on our to-do list. So it is really important that, and I usually call these minor stoppages, that we eliminate them.

What can you do for a minor stoppage?

Well, first and foremost, turn off that notification for email and for your texts, those are extremely distracting, as well as give yourself the power hour. That is something that you can put on your door or on your cubicle to let people know, “I need an hour, please don’t distract me!” You can also do a power hour on your calendar by actually blocking out an hour of time and honoring that to actually get your work done.

These small tried and true techniques make a big difference in you getting your work accomplished and focusing and being productive at work. Recognize your own work cycles.

Whenever I do process improvements for organizations to make them more productive, the first thing we do is the benchmark. Well, I want you to do the same thing for yourself. Understand how you work. Are you a morning person, an evening person, do you drain in the afternoon? Understanding what makes you tick can really help you in order for you to plan your days accordingly so that you can be more productive at work. Stay Focused At Work

Now that you know how to rev up your productivity at work, I want you to check out this amazing checklist on amazing hacks that are gonna help you even notch it up one more. Grab it from the link below. Please subscribe to my channel, like this video, and share it with all the professionals that you know. Now it’s your turn to share. Stay Focused At Work

What are some productivity tips that you have to keep yourself focused at work?

How To Stay Focused At Work And Avoid Distractions

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