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Smell Training to Recover From Smell Loss (Anosmia)

Scent training is a supportive technique that helps people who have lost their sense of smell After infection with a virus or infection. For people who begin sniffing training immediately after losing a scent, they can improve their chances To restore the smell. Keep in mind that odor training is not a treatment, but a way to help restore odor. Every time you do this, you stimulate the olfactory nerves that help you smell and Encourage them to heal. Think of it as a natural nose treatment.

The nice thing about olfactory training is you can easily do this at home. First, you will need to purchase four different essential oils: lemon, rose, clove, and eucalyptus. You can easily get it online or from aromatherapy stores. You will also need four small amber hues, empty glass bottles with lids for storage and utilization Oils during treatment sessions. Links to these items are provided on Amazon in the video description. For each, pour a quarter of the essential oil into the jar and put a tablet of watercolor a sheet. Keep the cap tightly tight between treatment sessions. The reason the jar is only partially filled is to allow the air space above the liquid to evaporate Odor molecules accumulate to improve availability for inhalation. Paper increases the surface area. Likewise, prepare the other three essential oils the same way. Step 1: Hold the first jar one inch from the nose. The order in which you smell the oils does not matter. The second step: Perform a small “rabbit sniff” in the nose. Do not smell too quickly or deeply otherwise the essential oil vapor will pass very quickly Through the nose, down to the throat and lungs, where it does not work.


You want to try to focus the scent so that it is completely contained inside the nose. Step 3: Do this several times, but generally, there is no need to spend more than 10 seconds For every scent. Then rest for a minute to allow time for the scent to wash off the nose. Step 4: Move to the next scent and repeat as above. Step 5: Perform these steps twice every day for at least 4 months though You definitely do this longer. Some things to take into consideration. Does the scent train during the calm moment of the day without the distraction while you focus What smell are you trying to perceive. If the smell looks distorted, that’s okay. What kind of smell perception is a good sign. Do not smell the train directly from the origin of an essential oil bottle like the small hole It will not give you too strong aroma experience. That’s why it’s always recommended to use jars instead. Keep bottles of essential oil in the refrigerator and out of sunlight to preserve them Fresh. Essential oils are expensive and have a limited quantity and shelf life.

Jars used in therapy sessions should be used at room temperature, but away from Sun light. Change the oils every 4-5 months. It should be kept fresh during this time if you are keeping them tightly bound in and out of Sun..

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