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How To Drink Your Own Urine 2015 CHRISTMAS LECTURES

Now for this next one, I am going to need a volunteer. Now, this is a glass of my finest urine. I need a volunteer to drink this urine.OK. to drink urine, you do not volunteer for that. OK? That’s the most important lesson I’m going to give you today. There are hands is still up.

Really it is not socially acceptable ever, ever to drink urine. OK? There’s a reason you have kidneys. And that’s because the stuff in your urine, the stuff that your kidneys takes out, the potassium, the sodium, that urea, the creatinine, the phosphates. That 5% of the urine is really, really bad stuff, which is why put it on the outside of you.

OK? So when someone says, do you want to drink my urine? You say, no. There is only one acceptable way to drink urine.

And that is if you have some special treatment.

OK? This is a special bag that recycles urine. It’s a bag within a bag. And I think I’m probably going to need another glass here. But there’s a bag within a bag.

And the bag inside is actually a semi-permeable membrane. You pee into this red port here. The urine goes into the bag. And then the bag on the inside will allow water to go through, but not all the nasty stuff. Now to encourage the water across, this green port you put syrup in.

And the syrup has a very high osmotic pressure, lots of molecules that draw the water across. And you get clean water with all the nasty stuff left outside. This, is very helpful, if you can see that there, has a port that says dirty water in. Sports syrup in, clean drink out. So do not drink out of the red port.

This is one I made earlier because osmosis takes a while.

We’re going to pour in here now. Now here’s the thing, because you’ve got some syrup in there, it kind of looks a little bit like pee even after it’s been reprocessed. And to be honest..

. do you want to have a smell of that? It smells like…

Smells quite a lot like urine. Yeah. So it smells quite a lot like pee. Do you want to smell? So it looks a bit like pee.

And it still smells a bit like pee. But this is perfectly safe to drink now because osmosis has treated it. And…

To be honest, it really does still taste like pee. All right.

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