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Fat loss One Meal a Day

One Meal A Day

Fat loss One Meal a DayOne meal day is the ultimate weight loss hack that is even more far superior for weight loss benefits in comparison to daily intermittent fasting which is widely known as the 16/8 method where people normally fast for around 16 hours a day and eat for around an 8 hour window which normally consists of two meals a day and I personally have a lot of experience with both of them so from my own experience and also the knowledge that I have to share with you.

What makes me very aware of why it is ultimately the best weight loss hack out there especially when compared to daily intermittent fasting known as the 16/8 method which I briefly mentioned a minute ago.

So yeah the reason why it is the ultimate weight loss hack is very very simple whilst you’re in that fasting state and the longer that you actually fast which with one meal a day you’re fasting for a lot longer throughout the whole day compared to eating two meals a day it is shown through scientific research that the full benefits of fasting doesn’t start to kick in until the twenty to twenty two hour mark so this is why one meal a day is so much superior for the weight loss benefits so the longer you fast the lower insulin goes down which is a fat storage hormone.

Insulin sensitivity is improved so when you eat you are having more regulation of your insulin which is more optimal so you’re not going to store as much fat from the food that you’re eating whilst you in that fasting state the longer you fast the longer your body is burning its own body fat as fuel and also your testosterone levels are going to go a lot higher and your human growth hormone levels which are both key for increasing muscle mass whilst reducing body fat at the same time.

So due to all of those many different reasons that I’ve mentioned that is why it is going to give you the greatest weight loss benefits because it’s maximizing the benefits from fasting every single day and I’ve had many different people try the intermittent fasting method and one meal a day and everyone that I’ve known to switch to one meal a day has noticed that they started to lose weight a lot more rapidly and easily and I found with myself when I was doing the 16/8 method I was around 70 kilos with around a 8% body fat and then within around 50 days with switching to one meal a day and eating around 3.000 to 4.000 calories most days that I’d dropped around kilos of body fat

So I was already a super low body fat but now it’s put me at around a 7 percent body fat so even for someone like myself that was already very very lean I’ve noticed some significant benefits for it helping me gain a more ripped physique and I want to have the most ripped physique possible and having the most low body fat percentage whilst increasing the muscle mass at the same time is absolutely key and essential for that and yeah I’m not recommending everyone eats around 3.000 to 4.000 calories that’s how many I need to eat. a lot of people when I state this in videos say I cannot eat that amount. It’s not a competition we are all different I’m very busy in my lifestyle.

I train very hard on a regular basis as well so yeah just eat until you are satiated do not force yourself to overeat and for me the majority of the time I don’t overeat and I know when I have over eaten because I feel really sluggish and tired afterwards so yeah that’s a really good sign to me where I’ve over eaten or not and I don’t do that for the majority of the time

one meal a dayI just do it until I’m completely full and satiated and it varies from day to day how much I’m eating. If I’ve done a hard training session the day before I normally eat a lot more food the next day but if I’ve been having a rest day or two then I normally don’t eat as much because my calorie expenditure is not as high and if you’re someone that doesn’t know how to eat one meal a day in the most effective way that you can sustain it long term easily I’ll put a link for a video up above that you can go and check that out and learn about that fully to get it to work the best for you and one last thing I mention is if you want to see what I eat within a day and also do within a day I’ve put a link for a video here and also a link for one meal a day

So, nuts and seeds, raw, of course not consuming too many. Next one on our list is protein, okay? Now, when we think of protein we want to think of organic, we want to think of grass-fed, we want to think of free range, that whole type of thing.

It’s all designed to support your body in a really powerful way. I mean, you need those fats in order to support proper nervous system function. You need that protein to make sure you’re not losing a whole bunch of muscle. You need to make sure you’re hitting the right amount of calories so that you don’t create huge nutritional deficits and huge caloric deficits that are crashing your metabolism.

You need to make sure that you’re hitting this right. So, go ahead and follow this one meal a day food plan and be sure to give this video a thumbs up. Share it with your friends because I know so many people are asking this same information, this is why this video came about. And then other than that, subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions or you want to share some of the recipes you’re using, post in the comment section below and I’ll see you in the next video. As found on Youtube

One Meal A Day

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