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I fermented MEAT and made life changing BURGERS!

For today's cook I'll be doing something that 
I've never seen done before. Yes I've cooked some   incredible burgers in my life and some are just 
delicious. Let's be honest there's nothing better   than a good burger. But have you ever heard about 
a fermented burger? So what exactly is fermentation?   Well, it's a metabolic process that produces 
chemical changes in organic substrates through the   action of enzymes. To make it easier to understand 
it is a chemical breakdown of a substance by   bacteria, and doing the right way makes things 
taste better. And that is my hope for today's   video, we're trying to make an amazing burger taste 
even better, because this is the fermented burger   experiment. So let's do it! And everything starts 
off with ground beef, the good stuff. At least to   me for a burger to be considered a burger you 
must use beef, which this one is 20 fat and 80   beef, and since I have a very good amount I'm 
going to be splitting everything in thirds.   That will allow us to make three different types 
of burgers.

And here's how the first one is going   to be fermented; I put the ground beef on a bowl 
and immediately threw in this special solution.   Now this one is madness! And that's because this 
is fermented milk. You see as a child I always   had this. If you've never had it it's kind of 
sweet, it has a very unique flavor but what's   inside it's what really matters that's because 
it has a lot of bacteria called lactobacillus   that's what you see right here in the end of the 
bottle, it's really good for you.

You see I'm hoping   that this right here will be the key of fermenting 
beef safely, but this is a total experiment I have   no idea what's about to happen. So after opening up 
three bottles it was ready to mix it with the beef.   And here's where things gets really tricky because 
once everything was fully mixed the next step is   to take everything to its limit. If i go to google 
and type it up beef danger zone it says it's   between 40 degrees fahrenheit and 140. Bacteria 
grows rapidly in the range of temperatures between   40 degrees fahrenheit and 140, doubling in numbers in 
as little as 20 minutes.

This range of temperature   is often called the danger zone, that is why the 
meat and poultry hotline advises consumer to   never leave food out of the refrigerator for over 
two hours. So that is the key we cannot keep it   in the danger zone for over two hours no matter 
what I do I will make sure that does not happen.   And as you can clearly see the temperature is 
under 40 degrees fahrenheit that's what we want.   But i took it to my oven and I put it in its 
lowest setting, once I did that it allowed me to   go as little as 80 degrees fahrenheit. Now remember 
the danger zone is between 40 and 140 I threw in   my beef and let it warm up for two hours and not 
a minute more. Once the time was up I immediately   took it out and put it back in the refrigerator, to be specific into my Dry Ager. so I repeated   every steps for a total of three days. The second 
one we're not taking anything to no danger zone.   We're gonna use something that is already 100% 
fermented and see if the flavors can combine   into the beef, we're talking about kimchi.

If you've 
never heard of it first of all you should because   it's delicious. Kimchi is a staple food in Korean 
cuisine, it is a traditional side dish of salted   and fermented vegetables. So I'm going to be using 
the fermentation of this to transfer it into the   beef. To do that it's pretty simple, I just mixed 
everything together with the beef as much as   possible. As you can see once I was done it was 
perfectly mixed, then I covered the whole thing   with clinch plastic, and into the refrigerator you 
went for three days. That is all there is to it!   Once the time was up I took it out and take a 
look. It was very surprising to me that I had no   oxidation. But one of the most interesting thing 
for me was the texture, it felt like rubber and   since I love kimchi so much I'm wondering how 
this is gonna taste. But I only wanted to use   the fermentation so I took the time to make sure 
I remove every single vegetable out of it.

Once I   was done take a look at what I was left with; 
perfectly fermented beef with kimchi. The next   thing to do was to go ahead and make some balls. I 
made sure to weight every single one of them. I was   looking for three ounces each ball, that will be 
perfect to make the perfect smash burger which is   exactly what I'm gonna do with this. Once I was 
done with all of my balls take a look. Now they   are ready to be cooked! But remember we don't only 
have this one, we have the lactose fermented one.   And after three days take a look, it's still red. 
And as I open it up oof! Cover back up, cover back   up! You know when you have expired milk into 
your refrigerator? It's similar to that, but   it also smells very sweet.

And as I mix everything 
around take a look, there is very little oxidation.   I expected this to be completely gray, but to 
my surprise some ways somehow it got preserved.   The next thing to do was to go ahead and make 
some balls and find out how it was gonna taste.   I did the same exact thing as I did with the 
kimchi one.

As you can see once i was done this is   what they look like. And here we have all of them, 
but don't forget we still need a sauce, so I made   a really quick one. I combined a little bit of mayo, 
followed by ketchup, a little bit of mustard and to   keep it with the fermented theme I threw in some 
sriracha sauce. This hot sauce is fantastic and I   highly recommend. Because once I was done mixing 
my sauce was done. That is as easy as it gets! Now   for the bun I'm going to be using Guga's buns 
i have the full recipe link on the description   down below.

And for the cheese I'm going to be 
using the good old American cheese. As now I  have all of my beef ready to go I cannot wait to 
find out how a fermented burger is gonna taste.   So now i say it is enough talking and it is time 
to cook some fermented burgers. So let's do it! [rock music] All right everybody here we have a spread 
of burgers! I have to be honest I've never   cooked so many. Leo you look excited. Burger 
video, burger video, it's a mother b-u-r-g-e-r   burger video. -Hold up hold up he's really excited 
but uh before we continue I want to give a quick   disclaimer.

This is one of the only experiments 
I do not want you to try it at home. I don't   know what's about to happen, things could get a 
little bit uh. Sorry Leo to disappoint you. -Burger video!   -Guys one more time, do not try this experiment at 
home. I really want to see if there's something to   continue doing it, something to explore, there 
is a little bit of unknown territory. That's   what I will say with this type of burgers Leo. 
Yeah it's a little freaky. -I came to eat some   burgers and it feels like i might turn into a 
teenage mutant ninja turtle after eating this.   -All right let's go for the very first one let 
me know, smell it first always. -Smells like   a burger. -It smells normal. -It smells? It's
not, it's not one that's going to make   me grow wings or something right? -I hope 
not or we're going to find out right now.   Give me your honest opinion on 
this one.

Cheers everybody! -Cheers. -Cheers guys. -Delicious -That's a good burger! -But you did something to my sauce. -I 
did something to your sauce, I put sriracha.   -Leave my sauce alone. -I don't think I did this 
burger justice by saying it's a good burger this is a   damn good burger. -This one is really tasty. -Beefy, cheesy, the bread blends perfectly and now that you   say the sriracha I do get a little heat on that 
sauce not too much but a little bit.

-I agree 100%.  This is the perfect burger, this is our control 
all right. So we're gonna see if we go up from   here or down. Let's go for the second one. Smell it 
first let me know if you smell anything different.   Oh it smells different. -But not too 
much. -Okay enough because I'm excited.   Give me 100% honest opinion. Sounds like a plan? 
All right enough talking cheers everybody. -Oh I like that. -God damn it is good. -It does tastes good, there's a element of sweetness that's like   kind of like tingling my tongue. -I'm gonna vibe 
you know just sit back let you guys be the guinea   pig. -This is really good. This is really, really 
good it's like.

-Stop saying that Leo I don't   want them to try it. -Okay it's terrible don't do 
this at home. -I had never had a burger like this,   it tastes a little funky, it tastes a little fruity. -Yes. -I got that. -It tastes a little sweet   and sour. I gotta say everybody this is a huge 
success. -It tastes almost like it's marinated in   like blueberries or some kind of fruit like what 
you said fruity is perfect it's like so weird that   it actually works well in a burger. You wouldn't 
expect sweetness on a burger. -What did you do bro? Just tell me. -This is a fermented burger. -Fermented!
-Fermented how? -Fermented burger. -Is fermented with what?   How? -I don't want to know what it's fermented with 
Angel I'm good.

-Okay that was very interesting I   never had any burger like that. -That's crazy. 
-Let's go for the last one because I'm super   excited. Enough talking, cheers everybody! -Take 
a tiny bite, take a tiny bite, take a tiny bite. Cheers everybody! -Take a tiny bite. -Oh I like that! -This one is better than this 
one. -A hundred percent agreed. -Yeah no. -No?   –I could see this being like someone's favorite 
burger. -Wow this is so good. -Not mine. -This is my favorite burger   right now. -It is so good, I'm telling you
right now. I'll tell you what I did, this   one is with kimchi, and he hates kimchi. 
-Is that payback for the the reaper the carolina reaper. -No, no that one is coming. -Oh you!  -No cursing allowed. So my thought thought on this one is that it did get fermented, it taste a little bit sourness, obviously the kimchi penetrated 
also in the meat as well, gave more flavor.   Remember I did not season this one with extra 
salt because kimchi already has salt, so when   I was cooking it there's no salt involved.

-As a 
burger the things that you would want you could   check them all off, it was juicy it had a good bite 
to it it was still very tender all of these things   the cheese was very creamy and stuff you know like 
it's nice. -This is insane to think that kimchi on   a burger works so well but let me tell you guys 
it works amazingly well, this is ridiculously good.   -Anyway guys these are the results, I hope you 
guys enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy make   sure you give it a thumbs up. If you're not a 
subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos.   Remember if you are interested in anything I use 
everything is always in the description down below.   Thank you so much for watching we'll see you 
guys on the next one. Take care everybody bye..

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