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Dr. Wayne Dyer on the Art of Manifestation

The Art Of Manifestation Meaning

The art of manifestation meaningMastering the art of manifestation how is that different from the law of attraction it’s very very different tell me, yeah the law of attraction and I’m not here to put down the law of attraction I think it’s I think what the law of attraction and the secret open people up to any way of thinking absolutely it had its flaws because it allowed some people to think that all you had to do is think about a bicycle there would show up and the keyword that you use in here over and over and over again in every chapter is that in order to attract or manifest anything you have to be in alignment with your source which is just with God. We have to be it’s about to have to stay connected to the ocean that’s right you can’t just sit around and wish your stuff first so the basic thing that Neville taught me and a lot of this is from the teachings of Neville Neville Goddard who died in the 1970s he basically said that all of us have within us this amazing capacity to manifest and attract anything that we want into our life so how we call it what words that we use we have to be able to say you know in the secret. The art of manifestation meaning

They say you get what you want you to know and what is missing and what Neville said and what has come to me and what I got from the I am discourses and what I get from the New Testament which I read before I do that is that you say I will attract into my life what I am not what I want and I am capable of attracting all things that that the source is capable of attracting so that’s the difference it’s like you get what you are rather than what you want. The art of manifestation meaning

So you want to become you can’t go around and ask these divine beings angels whatever you want to call them who are right here all the time with you can ask them to help me out you have to become like they are that when you’re when you become angelic when you become a divine being yourself when you are giving when you are serving when you are in that place they will come to you that’s what happened to you in India you and begin to see yourself in everything you know it’s because it is our goal to reflect the character of God that’s what we’re here to do is to emulate that’s what the Daodejing teaches as well they call it your original nature is reverence for all of life gentleness kindness and service towards others. The art of manifestation meaning

That’s Lao Tzu 500 years before the birth of Christ saying that’s our original nature yes reverence for all of the life gentleness kindness service towards other giving offering to serve and when you get to that place where you no longer have any judgment within you towards any of God’s children that means no condemnation no criticism no judgment towards anyone even the Osama bin Laden.

But how can we be that since we’re here we’re living we’re on earth we got problems yeah we got our issues we have stuff going on on and if enough of us get this message over if enough of us get and that’s just what my mission is it’s just to teach people that you are loved you are divine put that into your imagination I am, I am well, I am happy, I am content, I am fulfilled, even if your senses tell you that you’re depressed. The art of manifestation meaning

One of your people that called me when we did a pre-interview on here said well if I if I’m feeling depressed I’m supposed to fool myself and say I am feeling well even you can’t use another thought that’s what I’ve absolutely and it’s like you don’t say I am depressed because if you say I am depressed you connect with depression and the universal source God whatever you want to call it will align in such a way to offer you whatever it is what to patient yeah here’s some more depression I am unhappy I am depressed I am so by placing into your imagination what you want and assuming the feeling of that wish has already fulfilled you go through your life feeling that when enough of us do that we will, we will transform, this planet I’m telling you it can be done we’re doing it right now absolutely us sitting here right here together it’s all part of this perfection. The art of manifestation meaning

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The Art Of Manifestation Meaning

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