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Development To Use Affirmations EffectivelyExercise in Development thru Visualization and Affirmation How comparing physical and mental exercises can help you:

The body and mind need continuous workout routines to assist it with staying healthy. Like strength training, mental exercises include all sorts of workout regimens that allow one to concentrate on something while increasing strength. Strength training for example, builds muscle endurance, flexibility and so forth. One can use yoga, which associates with Pilate’s workout to improve both the body and mind.

When one exercises the mind, it helps them develop affirmation and visualization. In such training, the mind is giving the freedom to explore problems at all angles. If you plan to exercise the body, you are advice to seek professional medical advice and support if any of the following factors is/are relevant to you before embarking on strength training program. The factors are a family history of coronary heart diseases, high cholesterol, cardiac arrhythmia, smoking habit, chronic hypertension, diabetes, asthma, pregnancy and extreme obesity. Asthma and chronic hypertension are the factors that need to be extremely careful of because intense effort and strain on the heart may result in deteriorated health or in worst case, death. I believe no one in the right mind would perform such strenuous training during pregnancy but it is just a valid point to note.

In order to get started, here are some pointers to get you started. Firstly, always remember to warm up. Warming up is the most important part of the training program for many sports as it gives the body a chance to deliver substantial nutrient rich blood to areas that are about to be exerted. It also helps to warm the muscles up and relatively lubricate body joints by doing some mild stretching.

Secondly, it is critical to begin the training program at a slow and acceptable speed and pace. Focus on primary technique and gradually work up to heavier resistance training.

Thirdly, draw a target and a plan like what is your aim and what do you hope to achieve. To incorporate such key objective to your training will be more effective and efficient than just going on pumping that iron without any clue.

Fourthly, the form cannot be sacrifices for doing more sets and repetitive movements. Because by doing so, you will tend to transfer the strength to compensate for the inability from other muscle groups that could be relatively weak. This could result in a serious muscle injury.

Fifthly, every session is recommended to be less or around one hour.

The muscles must recover before enduring additional workouts, so give your body a rest for at least two days.

mental exercisesHow mental exercises work:

Like the physical exercises, the mental exercises work in similar ways, only the purpose is changed slightly and so are your activities. The mind considers information ongoing. It will sift through learned information by searching for a purpose. Once it has discovered the purpose, it will start the questioning process.

This process takes your mind through a chain of actions that leads the mind to consider the general, specifics, and details to broad-spectrum ideas. The mind works in such a way in order to solve problems effectively. The mind uses the information you learned from the past events, experiences and knowledge.

Then it uses ideas and concepts to associate, generalize, and discovery solutions.

Combining physical workout with mental exercises can improve your overall visualization, affirmation and self-development processes. Use your visual aids or mental pictures to define your goals. You can use affirmations once you have set goals to keep the mind focused and looking forward to a better future.


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