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Hello everyone welcome back to a new session on dentistry n more now so today we have a new topic school dental health programs so dental health programs are not very common in the Indian scenario Indian schools are not much focusing on the dental health of children but whereas the programs are mainly concentrating on the nutrition programs like mid-day meal scheme and ICD scheme so all such schemes are focusing on the nutrients and the wasting of standing a problem to managing a wasting and standing problem so the countries like the USA and other European countries are started this school dental health programs or as some of 50 40 years ago.

So we are studying in this chapter about the program switches which was happening or which is currently going in United States and some of the countries so let’s see what are the programs they are conducting to promote and to protect food children’s dental health so we’ll see what is cool health why it is important because it is an aspect of community health program so it is an economical and powerful means of raising community health in future generation so it was a William Fisher a dentist of England who started this concept of treating children in schools so in Indian scenario a little bit about it’s very a primordial model was started in 1909 we’re the first medical examination of schoolchildren was carried out in Baroda city an e-1 in both committee of 1946 reported that school health services were practically no extent in India and they existed we’re in an underdeveloped state so still there is not much improvement happen in our country so in this chapter or this video we are mainly studying about the United States pulled under health programs.
So it has a definition it is a very big definition we don’t need to break our head for this definition so let’s say the aspect of school health services there will be counseling and emergency care there we have the appraisal and school health education and are services so all these are parts of school dental health programs or the aspect of school health services so objectives like to help every school child to appreciate the importance of healthy mouth.

To help every school child appreciate relationship of dental health and general health and totally general health activities with them school health programs to n creation observance of dental health practices including personal and professional care so diet and oral habits stimulate tenth is to perform adequate health services for children so these are the objectives of school dental health programs and requirements it should be administratively sound should be available to all children it provides the fact about dentistry and dental care it creates favorable attitude provide the environment for development of psychomotor skills necessary for tooth brushing and closings and in a primary preventive dentistry programs like flow-rate programs and screening programs so all these should be there if a proper we are planning the basic requirements so what are the advantages of a school dental health program because these type of programs can bring comprehensive dental care including preventive measures to school schland where they gathered anyway for non dental reasons in the largest possible number so Jesus moves to EZ where to treat dental diseases are very early stage it is just like a screening of a disease because once we treat the disease at very early stage it has a lot of benefits in the future generation.

Because anyway these kids will be becoming the future generation and school remix of less strengthening and the private clinics and if children can be maintained in a state of good dental health it will be relatively easy to maintain their dental health in at at life so at regular dental attendance pattern in early life will be continued even after the school-age and utilize in general you can further reduce the cost so what are the elements of a school oral health program so first there should be a proper school community relationship then we should conduct the inspection general inspection then we should educate the students then they should we should conduct programs then we should refer if were needs further treatment and there should be a follow-up so these are the elements so we have seen objectives Idol requirements elements of school oral health program so first we will see what is the community and school relationship there should be a task force or a task committee which includes the school authorities the teachers the parents administrators the dental profession and health officers

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