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Choosing Your Brain Training Program

The market for brain training products is increasing, according to a study by the Ambient Insight. It is not just for the elderly anymore, the market is reaching different kinds of people and ages. Even children from ages 4 to 7 are being targets for brain and cognitive training products.

In the report released by Ambient Insight, they predicted that there are four products that will increase in revenue: assessments, tutors, brain games for mobile phones and brain fitness games and applications. Investment in companies specializing in brain training has increased over the years. In 2007, about $53.6 million was invested in this industry. The year 2008, the industry saw an increase of 55% on investments.

Different products are permeating into the market, how would you identify the best program for you? Brain games may work differently for each user. There are some who would struggle on learning how a particular brain fitness game works. How would you know that you are not wasting your money on a brain game or a brain trainer?

• If you are after a tutor, then make sure to work with a trainer that would provide you with undivided attention. Brain training works best when performed one-on-one. This is the same reason why getting a software for your computer is better.

• One-on-one sessions are not only beneficial because of the undivided attention, but because they allow immediate feedback. Wrong habits could be corrected and at the same time positive habits could be reinforced through a reward system or praise.

• Choose a program that would increase a cognitive skill that needs to be worked on. You do not have to choose a brain training program that would already work on a skill where you are good at. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

• Make sure that a brain training program would be enjoyable for you. The last thing you need is a training that would make you more tired or make children less interested in learning. Besides brain training should not be like another day in a classroom or office.

• When buying a brain training program, make sure to get all the necessary sequences or parts of the training. As your brain improves, you will need different challenges which would prepare you for the next step.

• If you are after comprehensive brain training, then it would work if you would be picking a program that does not only contain brain games. Make sure to pick a program that would help you in applying the techniques on your life, like improving your self-confidence, memory, and even develop speed-reading techniques.

• Before you order, research first. Check the feedback on a specific training and program, what both experts and customers/users have said about the particular program.

The success of brain training does not only rely on what kind of program you are using. It is combination of physical exercise, healthy lifestyle and training. When choosing a brain training program, the best is to pick a program that will help in improving your brain in a pace and method you are comfortable with. After all, you only have one.

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