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Bed Sharing with Your Toddler – Boys Town Pediatrics

We also recommend not to bed share with your
toddler. It’s very important for a toddler to develop good sleep hygiene, which means
being in their own room, in their own bed so they can get the healthy sleep that they
need. Most toddlers move around a lot which means
also parents may not be getting the best night’s sleep if they are bed sharing. So breaking
bed sharing habits can be very tricky especially in the toddler age group.

The best way to
break that habit is to get into a good sleep routine. Try to do the same thing every night
at bedtime, to start with a bath and then maybe read a book or sing a song and then
just to set firm limits where the child knows that they are supposed to sleep in their own
bed. It’s not uncommon for them to come out and what you want to do is with as
little attention as possible is redirect them back into the room and tell them it’s time for
bed and they sleep in their own bed..

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