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Stay Active at Home – Strength and balance exercises for older adults

There is an inescapable fact that the risk of falls increases with age. The surprising fact is that the risk of falls decreases. With this simple exercise starting at the age of 30, our muscles can lose up to 8% of their strength every ten years even by By the time we reach 80, we potentially lose 40% of our strength. Here we can help reverse this trend, though, with six simple exercises widely used by physiotherapists to keep us mobile and dependent as we age. All you need is solid support, good shoes, and a little time every day.

The first exercise. Lifting the heels. Stand up straight, using a cushion to help. Lift the heels off the ground and place your weight on the front of the feet. Hold this position for three seconds, then slowly lower your heels to the ground.

Repeat this 10 times Second exercise Finger lifts Stand up straight with help, again, this time lift your toes with weight on heels Stay straight Keep this position for 3 seconds Then slowly lower your toes Repeat this 10 times Third exercise Stand up straight Using a kickstand to help, using only one hand on the kickstand Now put one foot directly in front of the other foot to be in a straight line as shown Looking ahead Remove your hand from the kickstand if you can and balance for 10 seconds Move the front foot To behind the level of the hip and put the other foot in front instead of it Balance again for 10 seconds The fourth exercise Standing on one leg Stand close to the support for help and hold it using one hand Now stand balanced on one leg while raising the other leg to the top Maintain this position for a while 10 seconds, then repeat on the other leg.

Stay Active at Home - Strength and balance exercises for older adults

Fifth exercise. Walking, and here it will be walking forward using a side stand to help. Stand up straight with one hand on the side stand while looking forward. Place one foot directly while looking forward.

Place one foot directly in front of the man. the other so that you make your feet on a straight line, then move the back leg in front of the other, continue walking for about 10 steps, then make the feet at the level of the hip joint, then rotate and repeat the steps in the other direction. Back then lean forward a bit and then stand up if you need extra help put your hands on the chair while standing up carefully take a step back until your legs touch the chair then slowly lower and sit back on the chair repeat this 10 times that’s it keep These exercises help your muscles stay strong Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Translated by: Physiotherapist Hossam Al Zahrani Twitter: @Alzahrani_Hosam.

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