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Super super intense, so now I’m going to go over each exercise in this workout, i’m going to show you the proper form so that you’re ready for thursday because thursday we’re going to do this workout together. As always, one of the exercises in this workout is strict. Mountain climber, so you will go down into plank, put your hands directly, underneath your shoulders you’re, going to step one foot forward and next to your hand, so right, foot! Next, to your right hand, now you’re going to jump and switch legs so that your left foot lands right next to your left hand and you just keep going keep your abs tight and keep up the pace. So that’s going to be one of the exercises. Another exercise in this workout – that’s going to that we going to be doing – is this bike stretch exercise so you’re gon na push your hips up, keep your back straight as straight as you can you’re going to keep your knees locked so like straight, and your goal Is to push your hips back and try to get your heels on the ground. You might not be able to do that, but your focus is to trying to bring the heels on the ground by keeping your knees straight so head between your shoulders and stretch really get a nice stretch. Another one it’s going to be like left so you’re in this bike position and you’re going to be doing like lift so think, you’re like app, but try not to rotate your hips. Try to keep your hips parallel to the ground. So do not rotate. Do not tell your hips sideways, try to keep them straight and try to break your leg as high as you can, keeping those hips straight. You know it’s like gon na be working your entire body, every little muscle in the body, because you’re stretching you’re trying to keep the hips level all that requires in a lot of strength and a lot of consciousness. You can have to keep thinking about the posture. So again, head between your arms back straight core, tight hips straight and do like lifts. Ok now I hope you guys gon na practice, because you have to make it really. You have to be sure that you’re doing it with the proper form when we’re doing this workout together next exercise is going to be better p. You all, if you’re doing my workouts in regular basis, you’re familiar with this exercise, we’re starting going to be static from a plank position, so hands underneath your shoulders. Your body in one straight line, you’re going to bend your elbows bring your body down. Then push your body up, jump your feet forward and jump up now. If you’re beginner and the push-up is too hard for you, then you have two options. You can either go on your knees and do a full range push up, so you can bend your elbows link your body to da cunha and go up or you can try to go in the plank push your hips a little bit up. If it helps – and you can also bend your elbows at least slightly now – I suggest that you do one workout one day. You do them off of your knees so that you get the full range of motion another day. Try to push it definitely try the other modification. You know don’t stick with just one modification try to mix it up so that you get. You know everything in next exercises. We’Re going to be doing it’s going to be dive bombers, so dive bomber push up. So you cannot start in a plank with your feet wider apart and now we’re going to push your hips back again again in the pike position, knees straight head between your arms and now you’re going to bend your elbows and slide forward close your forehead. Then you changed in your belly and you end up in this position. Now, don’t put your hips on the ground, keep your hips. Have it above the ground. Now reverse the movement, so hips go back and absent. Just then your head, you end up in this position, and that was one rep. So again, if you’re beginner, this is too hard for you. You can try to do it off of your knees, so you start off on your knees, and you just do this movement and back and that’s it. The other exercise is going to be many air squats, so feet wider apart. Toes and knees are pointing slightly outwards. You can sit down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. We shall hips back, keep your back straight abs tight in this position. We’Re going to be doing these poses and let’s see how long you can last in this position, you’re going to be doing quite a few reps and that’s it. These are all the exercises that we’re going to be doing in this workout. I’M gon na put the break down the workout break down on my side. Sous Kel light it’s going to be there on Thursday, and also the video, the workout that we’re going to be doing together. It’S going to be read by up, so you can follow along with me and that’s it so also guys, don’t forget to check out my site for nutrition tips recipes and also

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