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You Don’t Find Happiness, You Create It!

hey folks today i’m going to give you some concrete steps on not how to find happiness but actually create it i want to talk to you about this today because there’s a lot of people myself included in certain times and certain stress we just don’t seem to feel very happy about certain things in our lives so why is it so difficult to find happiness and happiness is key to building a great business to taking massive action because let’s face it when we’re cranky when we’ve had a bad day when things aren’t going our way we don’t feel like doing anything so i want to talk to you more about how the brain is hardwired for negative situations and why it’s so difficult to create happiness but it’s very doable so the challenge is this through our evolutionary process we’ve been designed to be hardwired hardwired means we don’t even have to think about it we’re hardwired for safety which means we’re always watching out for the negative things because back in our nomadic days we had to be on alert all the time in case there was a saber-tooth tiger or a predator just lurking over our shoulders so understand this the brain is hardwired for survival and it’s certainly not hardwired for any type of happiness whatsoever so happiness is a learned skill and so many people think that they need to find their happiness what you need to do is create happiness and i’m going to give you a couple of key steps to doing that so positive thinking is one but positive thinking doesn’t go as far as doing positive thinkings with positive actions so here’s some concrete things that you can do to create happiness for yourself and spread that happiness around the closest people into your life so gratefulness creates happiness so i always start every single day even if it’s a bad day if a hacker got into one of our servers or things aren’t just going our way i sit there for just a moment and key word is i’ve changed things from i have to to i get to so the first thing that i get to do in opening my eyes every morning is being very grateful that i have three healthy kids that i have a surviving business even though the business has a lot of challenges all the time and i’m very grateful for the friendships in my life the people in my life the amazing staff with the that we have and that starts my day so number one start your day with the things that you get to do rather than things you have to do so starting with gratefulness starting with concentrating on the things that you do have rather than focusing on the things that you want to get or may not have is a great way to start your day as an example i say to myself you know what i woke up today and i was able to see everything imagine if i woke up blind i would give everything i had to absolutely get my sight back and that’s very typical we take for granted the things that could or should make us happy because happiness is a skill and negativity and worry is hardwired into our brains from millions and millions of years of evolution so once you start your positive thoughts in the day and your gratefulness the second action that i try to do very often is i will send a message a text message or a positive message to a friend or a colleague or a co-worker and just letting them know how much i appreciate them when’s the last time you got a random text from a friend or a colleague or a mother or father who just said i really appreciate everything you’re doing for me and i love you and thank you for being a part of my life and what does that do well that creates gratefulness in the person that you sent the text to and that’s how you spread a lot of happiness and happiness is like i’ve said a couple of times now is generally and very much so a skill you need to work on it you need to practice it and how often do we wake up every day going wow what a beautiful life do i have i’ve got a home i’ve got three healthy kids i’ve got a car i’ve got a business and even if you don’t have all of those things understand that there are people in this world that are way worse than you are there are people who are wondering where they’re even going to find their first meal in the day so gratefulness creates happiness and then when you take grateful actions towards other people well that helps them create gratefulness in their lives and that’s how you literally create happiness in your community happiness with your colleagues in your business your family in your home is by showing your gratefulness every single day and it’s work it takes work but it’s well worth it because when you start off happy then you’re going to be more apt to getting things done that you know that you need to do and here’s the other thing too that’s very important a study has shown that most of the anxiety in our lives most of the depression in our lives most of the things that make us feel down is centered around one thing and think about it for a second that one thing is a lot of our anxiety and depression comes from knowing there’s things that need to get done but they’re not being done think about it how many things that you’ve put off again and again and again and when you keep putting them off the anxiety rises more and more and more think about your college days or your high school days where you had a paper that was due on friday and monday you knew you you started you needed to work on it and then tuesday comes and you still haven’t worked on it the anxiety builds up anymore then wednesday comes you still the anxiety builds even more and then thursday you’re like oh damn it i gotta get this done by tomorrow so now your anxiety your depression your mood is at an all-time elevated high of negativity and guess what once you take care of what you know you need to take care of you feel a lot better so that creates a real hamster wheel when you start with positive energy in the morning and you send a couple of grateful messages to people that gets you moving in the right direction to taking care of the things that you know you need to take care of and that creates even more elation and more happiness so listen folks if you love these videos click the like button click the bell notification button please leave me a comment because it does a lot of amazing things for the algorithm and i’d like to know what is the key thing leave me a comment below what is what is one of the key things that you plan on starting to do to increase the happiness in your life and increase the well-being and happiness of the people around you have an awesome day you

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