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The Top Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms In Adults

Magnesium deficiency symptoms in adults it’s me again I want to talk about magnesium did you realize that 57% of the population is deficient in magnesium it’s mainly because they don’t eat enough leafy greens but magnesium is found a deficiency of magnesium is found in 80% of heart attacks so it’s really important in the cardiovascular function. Magnesium deficiency symptoms in adults

Because where calcium controls the contraction of the heart magnesium controls the relaxation of the heart okay and so magnesium clears out that calcium so then you can relax so you always need them in proper ratios so if you’re deficient in magnesium you tend to get arrhythmias and that could be anything from a skipped beat to an extra beat to an abnormal beat to flutter to fibrillation atrial fibrillation to a palpitation where it’s a little hesitation all that electrical rhythm sort of speak the pacemaker problem would be magnesium. Magnesium deficiency symptoms in adults

And then we have hyperirritability I mean what about hyperactive kids oh my gosh right here or hyperactive adults that just can’t wind down cramps muscle cramps. Magnesium deficiency symptoms in adults Cramps of the heart angina pain right here spasm of the arteries that’s coronary constriction this is great for it helps you sleep at night.

Because it’s a calming mineral soft tissue calcium so what happens magnesium helps lower the calcium buildup in the body so yes vitamin D and vitamin k2 will also help it but magnesium is another key mineral to help balance the excess calcium in your body so if you’re deficient magnesium you could have a tendency to have more Spurs you can have arthritis bursitis tendinitis calcium on the eye is cataract kidney stones gall stones tartar on the teeth calcium buildup on the nerve a little twitching called tetany that’s magnesium deficiency.

And then we have high blood pressure because magnesium is supposed to relax and calm things down people take it for constipation as well to help relax the muscles in your colon and if you’re deficient you may be it might have memory problems or learning disabilities or you just learn as fast as you would like okay so that’s the effects of magnesium secondly what causes it okay what causes a magnesium deficiency mainly the diet because people don’t consume enough leafy greens.

It’s also in nuts it’s in seeds it’s in a lot of other foods it’s in eggs but mainly it’s in leafy greens I get my magnesium not from a pill but from a food-based concentrate I use the wheatgrass juice powder because if you look at chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is like the blood of the plant magnesium is the center element like our body you use blood with iron that’s red but magnesium is green and that’s what the plant uses as its chlorophyll and so I consume concentrated.

So Magnesium deficiency symptoms in adults wheatgrass juice powder 1tsp give me all the magnesium I need and it’s a real calming mineral so it’s even good to take before bed so diet is important thing stress depletes magnesium, magnesium helps reduce cortisol magnesium reduces adrenaline yeah amazing vitamin D deficiencies so you need vitamin D not just to absorb calcium.

But to absorb magnesium yeah alcohol will deplete magnesium diuretics will deplete magnesium anti-acids you need a strong stomach to absorb magnesium and all minerals by the way so if you have acid reflux that means you do have not have enough stomach and you take antacids, Magnesium deficiency symptoms in adults anti-acids you’re going to not be able to absorb those minerals so acid reflux really is not enough acid and so the valve doesn’t close and the acid shoots up and you get heartburn so that means you need to acidify the stomach so you can fix that valve and then absorb the minerals so really one of the clues for stomach acid does the person have acid reflux yes okay then no wonder they’re not absorbing the minerals magnesium especial so taking like tums and things like that or antacids okay so I hope you learned a little bit about magnesium and definitely apply this information and write your comments below…

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Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms In Adults

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