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The importance of having a mentor

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Characteristics of Excellent Mentors.

Have you ever wondered, how you find a great mentor? There is no definite answer, but some tips include using online resources, networking, or looking for someone who is experienced in the same field as you. It is important to find someone with whom you can share your concerns and challenges, as having a mentor can be extremely helpful in growing as a professional., that will take you by the hand and help you make your goals and dreams a reality. And is it possible to find a great mentor? Of course, it is! I am very grateful for finding amazing mentors in my life and business, and I would never go back to the times when I tried to navigate through life and business without the help of experts who have been where I want to go. In this video, I want to share with you my 5 secrets to finding a great mentor.

Hi, I am an entrepreneur mentor, speaker, and coach and through my business and my mentoring programs I can help you achieve your business goals., I help Entrepreneurs build successful businesses and brands and create the lifestyle and wealth they desire. The main reason that I do what I do today, is that I struggled a lot the first few years of running my own business, trying to figure out everything on my own, thinking that seeking the help of experts was not possible for me or was too expensive.

How to be a successful mentor well there are a few things that are essential for being a successful mentor:

1. Being Patient and Encouraging

2. Being Open and Honest

3. Being Thoughtful and Welcoming

4. Being Flexible and Easily Adaptable because I was trying to figure out everything on my own, or with the advice of the wrong people, I lost money, and time and made costly business decisions. When I decided to seek mentors, my whole life began to transform. And eventually, people saw my results and started asking me to mentor them!

How to Find a Great Mentor

Today I am surrounded by mentors and mentees. If I could had mentors with me from the start, that would have saved me a lot of time and money in avoiding costly mistakes. Most people don’t even think they need or can afford a mentor when they are just starting out and then they pay for this very expensive in the short term and the long them, by learning through trial and error as I did.

The benefits of being a mentor are vast and varied. Some people simply enjoy providing guidance and support to others; others see it as an opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge. A mentor can provide guidance and support in a range of areas, from career development to interpersonal relationships. Additionally, a mentor can provide a model for success and encourage mentees to persevere in the face of obstacles.

There are many benefits to becoming a mentor, including:

The ability to provide guidance and support to others, both professionally and personally.

The opportunity to share one’s expertise and knowledge, and to give back to the community.

The opportunity to provide a model for success, and to encourage others to persevere in the face of obstacles.

The satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to the growth and development of someone else. Especially when you are starting out, its important to have a mentor, however mentors are necessary for every part of your journey as there is always a new breakthrough you need to make in your life and in your business and there is somebody that has been there before and can help you get there faster. All the incredibly successful people I know, have advisors and mentors, it is a given in their life because they realize the value of it.

So how do you find a great mentor?

There are a few things to consider when looking for a mentor:

-Are you looking for someone with experience in the same field as you?

-Are you looking for someone who will share their knowledge and expertise with you?

-Are you looking for someone who can provide guidance and support as you grow and develop in your career?? How do you get started? Here are 5 Secrets that I used to find my mentors:

1. Have they been where you want to go? The first question you need to ask yourself when searching for a great mentor is if they had success in what you desire to have in your life and business.

Someone can only show you the way to get there faster if they have already been there themselves. For any area of my life, whether it’s in business, health, spirituality, or in relationships, I always look to get the advice of people who have been where I want to go, and who have the results I desire to create.

2. Ask yourself: How can you add massive value to them? One of my mentors says that in order for him to mentor someone, they need to put some skin in the game, whether it’s money or their time and hard work.

I have personally collaborated with some of my mentors and added massive value back to them, by helping them reach business goals. It’s all about shifting your mindset from ‘how can I get from this person to ‘how can I add value to this person, what is it that they need that I can help with?’. And I personally found that every time I tried to mentor people without them putting some ‘skin in the game, either its a payment or offering something of great value to my business in return, they take the advice and the mentoring for granted, they don’t take action and they don’t create results.

3. Do they have a master in life experience in what they teach? My parents paid a lot of money for me to fly to the UK and get an MBA, being taught by professors who had neither run a business nor their own marketing campaign at any time in their life.

How to get the most out of your mentorship

One of the best things you can do as a mentor is to get to know your mentee well. This means spending time getting to know her goals, her aspirations, and her favorite things. It also means being open to her ideas and giving her the opportunity to share her perspective.

Another important thing to remember is to be patient. It can take a while for a mentee to learn the ropes, so be patient and give her time to grow into the role. And finally, always be honest with your mentee. If you notice that a mentorship is not progressing as planned, be honest about it and try to find a new way to support her development.

The paper served me to get a job after my studies, but it taught me almost nothing about running a real-life business. When I started getting mentors who had masters in real-life business results, that’s when I started realizing what it really takes to run a successful business and I started having great results and stability in my business.

4. Do you resonate with their values, their story, their energy, and their message? Even though there are many people in my industry who have been where I want to go, I don’t resonate with how they live their life and I would never want them to mentor me.

There are people who have gotten there in a way that doesn’t match my values or ethics, or with how I want to live my life. So when choosing a mentor, see if you resonate with their energy, their story, and their values. Every person is unique and every person’s story is different.

Usually, the people that can help you the most, are the people who have a similar life story to yours and have overcome similar limitations to what you are looking to overcome to get to the desired outcome.

And 5. Do you have the right attitude to be worthy of your mentor? You need to realize that in order for a very successful person to actually want to mentor you, they need to see in you a special spark, an attitude of a doer and a go-getter, with the self-motivation and the drive to succeed. No business mentor will sit and motivate you every single day if you can’t pick yourself up from the floor after every challenge you face and if you can’t find the internal motivation to take action.

They will lift you up, but not if you need lifting up and motivation every single day and you don’t have any self-motivation or drive to take action. Many people are naturally unmotivated, negative, and full of objections and limitations on why this and that won’t work, no matter what their mentor tells them. Mentors love to work with people who have the right attitude because skills can be acquired by the person who is willing to put in the work and stays motivated no matter what. They say that ‘Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. So no matter how talented you are, you need to have the right attitude.

This is the difference between a good and bad mentor, if you have enjoyed this video make sure you stay in touch by subscribing and if you would like to know more about my mentoring programs to help you Build a Powerful Personal Brand, get more clients from social media, and grow your income and your business, look for a link somewhere around this video.

Until next time, keep in mind that when you develop the right attitude and right mindset and are prepared to invest in yourself and in your personal growth, the right people will always show up to help, and sometimes it feels like someone has sent them at the right place, the right time, exactly when you needed them. Has this ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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