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Simple Seated Core Strengthening Workout for Seniors- At Home

Greeting folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, the physical therapist. – And I am Brad Heineck, the physical therapist. – And we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – Well in our opinion, of course, Bob. – So we don’t neglect any population on our channels.

– So today this is more directed towards probably beginners or seniors. – We’ve got a simple seated core strengthening workout for seniors at home.

– That’s right. – And you really don’t need much equipment except the chair. – Right and the core strength is real, sometimes neglected, but so important, it’s great.

It’s so important for balance, walking, and back pain, that type of thing. – Right, and you don’t have to worry about it, except for the last one, which requires some balance and you shouldn’t do it if you don’t have great balance, but the other ones are obviously very safe.

– You’ll see why. – So first off…

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– There you go, Bob. – Let’s go, get a chair. And we’re always doing these things in good posture, Brad. – So should the chair have arm rests or does it matter? – You wouldn’t need armrests, no, they might even be in the way I would say.

– Sure. – So we’re gonna start off with just a general warmup, just doing a few rotations, Brad. – Rotation. – I really want you, I really want you to be really upright. – Upright yeah, not this.

– Not that, and not like this. – Mm-hm. – This is where you really work on your posture. Just five to 10 times. Just let’s get things a little warmed up anyway.

– And actually, before we even get started, while you’re doing this think about your breathing (inhales) in your nose, exhale out your mouth and really get some deep breaths then so that you help relax and be more effective with this. – All right, first exercise. You’re gonna slide your butt forward in the chair.

Don’t slide off the chair and then you’re gonna lean back and I’ll, now if you need help, you can put your hands on the grab like this. – Or if you’ve got armrests do that.

– But basically, you’re gonna keep your back completely straight. And it’s just gonna go work up like that. It’s like doing sit-ups with your back straight. – Their chair sit-ups actually are what they are. And if you wanna feel your stomach muscles you’ll feel ’em tighten up and that’s exactly.

.. – That’s what you want to do, you want to focus on that and you know, depending on your conditioning, you can go ahead and do five to 10 times. – Yep. – All right.

– You can do more if you really want to, that’s fine. – Sure, you can do, rip off 30 of them If you’d like. All right, next one you can do it in a number of ways.

You can put your hands on your neck and squeeze your shoulder blades together. This is the one we probably show the other way, Brad.

– Sure. – Yeah, that way. – Just like can see, you know. – So squeeze those shoulder blades together. Just counter five seconds.

One, two, three, four, five. And again, you can do five to 10 reps of these. – If you can’t reach behind your head, that’s okay. If your shoulders are tight. – You can go like this.

You can do the W’s like Brad always likes to say. A good thing to do with this too is a good time to tuck your chin in, and get that in the right posture. But this is more of the upper core, but just as important, all part of the core yet, right Brad? – That’s right.

– All right.

Simple Seated Core Strengthening Workout for Seniors- At Home

– Breathe, breathe, breathe. – Next one, we’re gonna do some leg lifts. So you can do these either way. You could do marching, like a five-second hold up on top Brad, or you want to make it harder then you can go ahead and lift up that way. – You may have to lean back with this one and that’s fine.

– And if you want to make it really hard you keep it suspended the whole time. – Both of them at– Oh, oh yeah. – That’s really– – Then you really got to…

This seems like it might be legs but a lot of core is working here. – Yeah, it all attaches to each other, so they all work together. – Yep. – All right, the next one, is a little challenging too. You’re gonna probably have to lean back on this one.

– Okay. – Scoot forward and lean back. You’re gonna go, I got longer legs than you, so these are harder for me. – Yeah that’s..

. – And again, grab the pan and the chair if you need to. But you’re gonna go heels to toes, heels to toes. – I should catch up with you, there you go.

– Heels, toes, heels, toes.

– So this one, if you wanted to make it more difficult, you could do it without touching as well, just. – Right, right, right. – Heels two inches above. – It’d be a lot harder than, oh jeez. My long legs.

(Brad groaning) – That would be for those real athletic seniors that want the challenge. – And I don’t know how I would be doing it without the hands holding on to ya. That’s harder actually. – There’s always the overachievers, we wanna make sure we keep those people entertained. – All right, next one.

Pretty difficult too, Brad. You gotta do the same way, you gotta lean back. You’re gonna actually grab the bottom of the chair and you can do bicycles. – Don’t have to go real fast. If you can’t get the full circle, you know you can just, you know, work the up and down.

– And yeah, you only gonna need to do five to 10 rotations. You’ll feel that one. That one works pretty well actually. – I’m warmin’ up, Bob. – Yeah, there we go.

You look slimmer already. – Well yeah, I lost about five pounds. – Well black is slimming. All right, next one. (laughs) We’re gonna do rotations.

We’re gonna get some of those obliques. – Ah, this is a good one. – So you’re gonna put your hand out together like this, your hands together. – So we’re not gonna lean back on this one, upright. – No, you’re not gonna lean back.

And you’re just gonna go to the inner thigh of your left leg, one, two, three, four, five. – So you’re pushing against your legs? – Yeah, so I’m pushing the leg out but my legs not letting me move. And then I’m going to the right leg. One, two, three, four, five.

One, two, three, four, five. – So this works some different, the obliques, they’re in a different angle, completely different muscle group than the other ones we were focusing on it, which is good. We want to get a complete workout.

– We wanna get our complete job here. So, alright, the final one is, we’re gonna do the pointer dog.

This one does take a little bit of balance, Brad. In fact, probably gonna have you start off maybe just by leaning forward now, I’m a tall guy, so you probably don’t have to lean as much as I do. – Yeah, he’s got me by eight inches. – (laughs) So we can start just by going arms up like this. You’re gonna feel that in the upper back.

And then you can start by doing legs up one at a time. Don’t do both at the same time. (both laughing) And then if you get more advanced, you can go ahead and do one leg in the opposite, opposite leg opposite arm.

– So right arm, left leg. And take your time, and if you feel wobbly on this, – Yeah, don’t do that.

– skip it, sit down, and don’t worry about it. – And just do the legs for themselves, keep both hands on the chair. – I mean, you can see, especially if you’ve got a wobbly chair. – You want a good solid chair. – You could go up to a countertop, actually.

– Sure, yeah that’s a good idea. That’s a really good idea. Brad, you had a good idea today. – Oh Bob, we missed Bill’s birthday. – Oh geez, oh my gosh!

– And it’s at the end of the video.

– Yeah it’s at the end of the video. – We promised Bill McShay, we believe his name is, he turned 60 on December 7th. And so we really want to wish him a happy birthday. One of his family members wanted us to do that.

– And it’s a day that lives in infamy. – Right, well yeah, December 7th, you’ll never forget that. – And McShay, you’re joining the 60 club along with me, you know. – Oh, that’s right. – Welcome to a life of pain.

(both laughing) – But we’re gonna help you through it. – We’re gonna help you get through it, so. You know, eat lots of cake. (Brad laughing) Today you can do that. – Yeah, it’s a cheat day.

– It’s a cheat day, so. All right, take care. – Thanks. (synth fanfare).

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