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Plant-based Atkins diet

“Atkins diet based on plant diet” This was a dramatic example, but it was only one person. Researchers at Harvard have therefore decided to follow 100,000 people: “Low carbohydrate diet, overall mortality and other causes.” The researchers concluded that a low carbohydrate diet is associated with higher mortality from all causes and cardiovascular diseases, as well as higher cancer mortality. The last clove in the coffin of the Atkins diet. Men and women on a low-carbohydrate diet lived significantly shorter, they had more cancer deaths and more heart attacks. Sure, you may lose weight, but the only place to enjoy it, will be a narrower coffin.

Well wait … In 2009, enterprising scientists came with plant foods low-carbohydrate diet, the so-called “Eco-Atkins” diet. They found that the problem with the Atkins diet was not high fat and protein, but in that it was animal fat and animal protein. They actually created a vegan version of the Atkins diet. What did they eat? Meat substitutes, seitan, soy burgers, vegetarian bacon, veggie slices, vegetarian sausages, tofu, lots of nuts, avocado etc.

And how did it turn out? Actually, quite well. Cholesterol levels were not as high as meat. Only after two weeks of low carbohydrate vegetable diet their LDL levels decreased by more than 20%. However, the entire study lasted only a month, so it cannot be generalized. However, a more extensive study was conducted at Harvard and people who ate a low-carbohydrate diet were chosen, to see if they are affected by the same fate. If we want to conduct a study on the diet of 100,000 people, no problem finding people who eat almost everything. What do you think the scientists have found? Here you can see the mortality rate in case of eating a normal diet. And this line shows the findings in people who have consumed a minimum of carbohydrates according to the Atkins diet: there is a markedly higher risk of death. But what was the finding of people who ate? low-carbohydrate plant diet? Was their mortality as high as the people on the Atkins diet? Or it didn’t turn out so bad but the mortality was higher than those who ate a regular diet? Was their mortality the same or lower? Mortality was lower in this group.

Conclusion: “Low – carbohydrate diet based on animal resources has been associated with higher mortality from all causes in both men and women, but a low-carbohydrate diet based on vegetables was combined with lower mortality rates for all causes and cardiovascular diseases. ” It does not seem to matter what the ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but more important is their source: whether they come from plants or animals.

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