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Need To Truly Transform Every Area Of Your Life

2021 Your Year Of Abundance​

abundanceWell, Hello, are looking into personal development without the fluff group. For this video, we already covered how to break the self-sabotaging pattern and the glass ceiling reaching it. Never quite cracking through it 2. We spoke about sacrificing and we, by the way, we gave you a great exercise in here as well, how to break out of that and then sacrificing yourself how to distinguish where you’re sacrificing and why you’re, sacrificing today we’re going to talk about an amazing topic And at the end of this video, I’m going to give you one of the best exercises to shift into the energy of abundance in your life right now, even before you show up on this live event. 2021 Your Year of Abundance​

Today, we’re going to talk about expanding and upgrading the definition of abundance, so I want to start off by drilling in this concept, that, as you do, this work you get to be an inquiry and exploration of sorts and that exploration leads you to uncover new ways to create greater results than you ever imagined, okay! So, listen to what I’m going to say and just let this settle in here for a second okay, the things that have gotten you, the level of results that you currently have in your life and your finances and your relationships in your health are not the things That are going to get you. The massive breakthrough results that you’re actually looking for in your life right now. How do I know that you have certain strategies? Those strategies are like default autopilot modes on a computer or any sort of device. You go to them because you’re a program from a very young age that when you do X, Y & Z, you’re able to produce results now your methodology is I’m just going to do more of that. I’m going to do I’m going to work harder. I’m going to work more hours. 2021 Your Year of Abundance

I’m going to find a better job, um, whatever it is, but it’s the same thing, and here’s the bottom line to a hammer. Everything looks like a nail. If I asked a hammer to make me a salad, that’s going to be a very shitty salad. You get that so when we’re talking about shifting into this abundance, it’s going to take something from you. It’S not in the realm of doing the things that you do. You can’t do more to tap into this state. You get that it’s a complete shift into using new methodologies tapping into new things. So with that being said, I also want to share with you guys that most of you, if not all of you right now, are already living a relatively abundant lifestyle. I get that you desire more. I get that you want to have bigger, expand that and that’s what we’re going to be talking about here, and can we just stop for a moment and get that you’re watching this video right now on a phone connected to a Wi-Fi or 4G connection that you Can afford you’re either watching on a laptop at comfort of your own home or maybe while commuting or doing whatever? You are right, most people, that’s like the one or two percent of the world right now that have access to that kind of technology and you’re. One of them right now: why is it so difficult for us to acknowledge that we already live an abundant lifestyle? 2̲0̲2̲1̲ ̲Y̲o̲u̲r̲ ̲Y̲e̲a̲r̲ ̲o̲f̲ ̲A̲b̲u̲n̲d̲a̲n̲c̲e̲​̲

Need To Truly Transform Every Area Of Your LifeThere’s something that happens in the human brain and it’s called contrast bias. You may want to write this down. In contrast, a bias simply put the brain by design is programmed to do what helps you survive. That is it. It doesn’t care if you’re wealthy. It doesn’t care if you’re rich, it doesn’t care if you’re in love. It doesn’t care that you for experiencing joy as long as you’re alive brain is like whoo, we’re doing our job right and it’s doing a great job you’re still here with all that being said, there’s one issue: if the brains only job is to help you survive, Then it’s missing out on something, so contrast buys what it does is. It actually looks for any threat, any possibility of hurt, but where it spins itself into this whole. Another arena is now with social media and media in general. We are started with all of these images of individuals who are being told to us are successful. They drive this car, they have this house, they have this business, they have this family, etc, and our brain automatically there’s nothing wrong with it, but automatically is constant. Comparing and contrasting you to every one of these people now when you do that, what are you left with? I don’t have their life, I don’t have their business, I don’t have their relationship, I don’t have their car, I don’t. I don’t have to do it, don’t which leads you to feel what shitty right put you in a state of scarcity. Put you in a state of lack makes, you feel worthless, makes you feel you know ashamed all of that stuff.

So the key to shifting into this state of abundance. I call it like the Gateway. Emotion, if you will is this gratitude. Gratitude is the natural pathway to tap into abundance, and I’m going to give you an exercise here, real quick on how you can create almost like fill-up of gratitude jar every moment of every day, as you’re going through your day, so that, at the end of The week you are just going to feel abundant like you can afford things like things are easy to buy all that stuff, so bear with me for one more second, before we dive into that, because I want to share one other thing with you: tapping into abundance Through gratitude, a lot of people visualize at night right they’ll go at night and say I want this. I desire that I want this, which, by the way, is great here’s the inherent underlying issue. With that, you don’t stop or start. I should say with up what you’re grateful for we just jumped right into. I don’t have this, so I want that so inherent in everything that you do is this underlying tone of. I don’t have enough. I want something else. I want something different. I want something better, so if you were giving a gift to someone, okay and that gift that you gave them, they opened it, they looked at it and they kind of look back and go like. Oh, that’s it! That’s all! There is there’s no more than this.

How likely are you to go back to that same individual and give them another gift, not that likely right, so God or the universe or energy or whatever you want to call? It is constantly bestowing gifts upon you, but most of the time we go like. Oh, it’s, okay! I still want more and that energy creates this void or blank space where God just doesn’t want to come and go like. Oh here’s, more Samantha or here’s more Jonathan. It’S like this ungrateful, little turd! You know so one of the things I’ll offer you is like if you’re doing any of these visualization exercises always start by giving massive gratitude for what it is that you have in your life. Currently then, from that energy from that state of gratitude. That leads you into abundance now start to create what it is that you desire. Okay. So now I want to give you an awesome exercise. It’S very, very simple. You’Re going to take cash. I recommend, somewhere between 100 to 500, if you feel like taking more put more, you put it directly into your pocket, you walk out of your house, and on your journey typically the human mind, through contrast, bias goes.

I can’t afford that. I can’t afford this trip. I can’t afford that car. I can’t afford that house. I can’t do this. I wish I could, which creates more of what wishing you could and more of I can’t afford. We want to start flipping that script. We want to start tapping into that right, so you put that $ 100 $ 500, whatever it is in your pocket, and your job is simply to walk around all day and point out as many things as you can afford. With the money, that’s in your pocket, you don’t have to buy them. You just point out as many things as you can afford. I can afford that meal. I can afford that movie ticket. I can afford that parking lot. I can afford to take my child to this playground whatever it is. You just start to get into this habit of all these things that you can afford now what you think is going to happen as you do all this. What is happening inside the system? The system that was filled with scarcity and lack and what you can’t all of a sudden get filled with gratitude. I can afford this. I can do that. I can do this. I can do that and all of a sudden, you have tapped into something completely different. 2021 Your Year of Abundance

Now, it’s not just that what tends to happen is, as you create that energetic bubble of I can. I can guess what shows up more money, more opportunities, more relationships, more abundance, that you can continue to experience this energy of. I can this energy of gratitude because that’s really what you’re after some good, I really really hope you enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed making them for you. If there are any questions that you have in addition to this, or you want to explore something deeper, please go to personal development without the fluff group, let me know we will make separate videos for that. This is all and an idea to get you guys tapped into this energy of abundance. 2021 Your Year of Abundance​  We’ll see you soon have an amazing day. Make it an incredible week, we’ll see you soon.

2021 Your Year Of Abundance​

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