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Keynote 8 Physical Therapy Marketing Mistakes

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The Importance of Understanding Your Audience in Marketing – Beyond Platforms

So, let’s move on to this: why do so many businesses fill it at marketing most obsess over the technology everywhere? I go. People want to talk on platforms, they want to talk on social media, they want to talk on Facebook, and they want to talk on Instagram. Every question starts with Facebook or Google or YouTube or newspaper ads or whatever, and I immediately bring it back to it who’s the person, once you understand them at a level better than your competition again follow the 80/20 rule. If you know them better, you get their internal goals, and you understand what moves and what drives them, you do not have to worry about the platform. I can take the same headline. I can take the same video, I can take the same tweet or whatever, and I can just put it in two different formats, and I do, by the way, when you guys read my emails. It’s a blog, and when you see the tweets, it’s just the phrase or a sentence that’s come out of a blog and gone on to Twitter or on Facebook or whatever it will be.

The Importance of Understanding Human Decision-Making in Sales

So, the obsession over the platform again is back to what it’s almost like. If I stay over here – and I obsess over this thing, it means I can hide away or shy away from the thing that I need to face up to, which is understanding how humans make decisions, which is understanding what words go to make a change in an individual, the problem for most is when you see it happening to you, it feels so real, it feels so typical and it feels as though nothing happened. So your pets will give you pushback about all of this being too salesy. They’ll come in raving about a company they did business with that weekend. Who did it to them, because that was so good and real they never considered. For one second, they were part of a sales process, but when you break down the process – and you come in – you start saying: hey – we need you to do this, they’ll give you the pushback.

The Importance of Empathy in Effective Marketing Strategies

So again the obsession of a social or Twitter – and I understand it’s – you know a trendy in exciting and all that type of stuff. The obsession will always go back to who this person is, and when people tell me so, I have a lot of. I have a company that does digital marketing for physio clinics, and my competition or people who have previously worked with competitors will tell me. I worked with this company, or you know, this company said that they do digital marketing, although they do Twitter or that they do Facebook. I’m like good. I use Facebook to make a changing an individual. It’s an entirely different way of looking at it. So, while everybody’s thinking about it, I’m still thinking about the person and what words in the correct order will change the individual when they show up at my practice. It takes empathy to make marketing work. There is a considerable difference between compassion and empathy.

The Importance of Developing Empathy in Healthcare Practice

Compassion is I’m sorry to hear about your back pain, Mr Smith, empathy is I’m sorry to hear about your back pain, because I understand that right now, it’s getting in the way of you being able to care for your wife we’re one step across in the health care practice, and I mean this respectfully with all these eyeballs Staring back at me, we think we’re good at empathy. We’re not dreadful at empathy. It’s a land scale unless you’ve taken the time to learn it. You do. You will not deploy empathy, you deploy compassion. The healthcare practice is across the well. I don’t doubt that anybody, any single person in health care is incredible at compassion. Empathy is an entirely different skill and it’s something that you have to take the time to learn, and once you understand it, your communication goes to a completely different level, both in terms of the written and the verbal double viewing. So I was on, like I said, in London a few weeks ago.

Consider the Challenges of Capturing and Maintaining Attention in a Digital World

I got the subway, so it would be like the same, the same in New York, you have people having conversations you know with the next person, not that a lot of that goes on on subways, but you know you could have a friend or two Friends, sat next to each other or having a conversation and, at the same time somebody skimming through Facebook, and you look at your analytics on your website and you think. Well, we got 5,000 views to the blog, which is good for about half. A second give me a newspaper out any day of the week. It gets me six eyeballs but gets read for five minutes. So the world wants to take you digitally and into places it wants to take you. It’s often not always the right place to go, and these are the things you’ve got as a factor in double viewing. Their attention is scattered, scattered.

Attention and Hypocrisy: The Disconnect in Business Learning and Patient Care

So, when you’re giving your prescription all right 20 years ago, 20 years ago, when you provide a prescription of care, there’s half a chance that they had some of it and interpreted it these days. What was missed the last time you focused on how many people have checked their phone in the previous 40 minutes since I’ve been speaking, half the room, half the room, you’ve. Let’s do this right. You’ve flown thousands of miles to come and learn how to run a business right. You’ve gone through. I have seen all that on Facebook. It was hilarious, turbulent, the worst flights ever, and all the stuff going on on Thursday and Wednesday. Dramatic experiences. Four or five hundred dollars a ticket, however many dollars for a flight thousand, probably for this place to learn how it would be more successful in business, and you don’t even give us your attention, and you think that your patients miraculously just gon na give you theirs. Could we get any more hypocritical?

Understanding Human Behavior: A Key to Successful Marketing

They should not listen to us all of a sudden because of a white core or a D before our names or whatever, it’s not going to happen. People’s behavior is consistent. Eighty-eight per cent of the time, there’s no matter what environment you put them in, so you’ve got people in a room, or you’re trying to put your Facebook ads up. You just think that a beautiful ad that you’ve written, that your warranty will resonate and will connect, And it’s just the best thing Facebook’s ever seen, and all of a sudden, three weeks later, nobody’s clicked on it or everybody adds. But nobody did anything it’s because of what 50 % of the people in this room have done today—fundamental principles of business and marketing. In human behaviour, so, while I keep saying everybody’s upset Snover Facebook, I’m obsessing over you, like my goal – is to know you better than you and to a certain extent. I believe I do because that’s all I do to study you.

Understanding the Power of Remarketing and Pixels for Effective Marketing Strategies.

I watch you see what you do, and I see the comments. I’m reading books, just understanding them to a better level, so it means my technical skills or a lack of competence at a technical level in things like Facebook. I don’t need it. I have a team of people who can do that type of thing, but I have to understand it from a behaviour point of view that the reason we need to put a blog up fast is because of double viewing and the reason that we need to put Remarketing on the blog is because of double viewing because I know that whenever a headline that says have you got back pain and are you worried about missing out on golf this weekend? I’ve got your attention, but I also know that five other platforms probably have it. So if I can get a sneaker, like a little click, give me a sign with remarketing and pixels.

Effective Advertising Strategy: Engaging Viewers and Building Trust

It means I can follow up and continue to show it to you or another ad to you when I get you in a better place, hopefully that night on the couch, while you’re still double viewing, while you’re talking to your girlfriend. Oh, you’re talking to your wife, husband, or whoever, and you are reading my blog post on my video for the seventh time in the last seven days, but the first time you saw it. You only watched 15 seconds, and then because you saw it again, you watched it a bit further until I enticed you to the end of the video, and you went hey, this guy is not too bad. This guy’s got something to say because that’s what you do, and that’s what patients do. There was a client of mine, a guy called David Brewer. He doesn’t mind telling me the stories from Florida. We met once in Epcot Center. I was in Florida last November, with the kids, and I said, are coming down: let’s have a day, we’ve got a web cot, so as we were having a beer in London in Epcot, I said so.

Potential headline: “Discovering and Engaging with a Passionate YouTube Channel on Customer Service

How did you find me? How did you get me? How did you hear about me? I watched a video online. I think I was that. Tell me more, he said. Well, I saw the video, but I didn’t really know what you were doing or what you were saying. I just pressed this video, and I watched it for a few seconds, and I said, then what did you do? I said nothing. I said well what happened next I said. Well, I saw another video a few days later, I said: did you watch that one nope then what happened? Well, I saw another one and you were talking about customer service and it’s something that I believed to be passionate, or you know I believe in passionately that the health care really needs to start paying attention to so I watched it and anyway I loved it. I said so what did you do next? He says. Well, I went to your YouTube channel, I said. Well, then, what did you do? He said well never spoke to my wife for a week because I watched every video on your YouTube channel.

Effective Marketing Strategy: Engaging Content Drives Results

I said, then: what did you do he said? Well, I saw you had this thing to join your email list. Was that good? Did you enter it yeah? He said I joined it. I said: did you open my emails nope? So what happened next? Well? He sent me another email, I said: did you open it? No, what about the next one? He said well, there’s something in the subject line that caught my attention, so I opened it, and I read it, and anywhere Here I am, like, on the phone you haven’t. Just giving you three grand does not get any more scientific than that. That’s not that I just described my marketing plan, but I know that that’s what goes on, and because it’s me, my words, and my video, I don’t care. I’ve got no emotional attachment to whether you watch the video you don’t because I know because of all of this stuff that it will take me ten goals. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on YouTube or Facebook or whatever.

Price Shopping in Different Locations: Finding Independence and Mobility for Customers

If I’m in enough places and eventually I say the right thing that connects with you, the customer service was his in my world at the pole, golf is your rooms, it would be about independence and mobility because that’s the person that I want to help with, and that Would be the equivalent sort by price? This is wonderful. This is a great story, so the lady said to me from New Mexico once Paul was having a problem because everybody around here wants to price shop, I said well: do you not think that they want to price shop in my town? Do you not feel that they want a price shop in Toronto? Do you not believe that they want to price shop in LA? Do you not feel that their price shop in London I’ve borderline banned? In my group, somebody commented on me with the phrase that starts with It’s killing you all in DC last week is a story, so I was in DC, well, Virginia Alexandria.

Struggling Business in My Town Finds Inspiration to Increase Prices

The lady started in my town, which sets the scene for an excuse as to why she’s been, you know, struggling with business for the last five years. She said nobody wants to pay more than 135 dollars for cash PT. It was like. Oh, okay, good, tell me more, she said yep, you know they won’t do it tried. Everything will not happen. We cannot get people to pay more than 135 dollars.

Meanwhile, two seats to the left. A lady was beaming with delight. I said what are you laughing at. She said well, I’m actually on the same street as that Clinic, Pennsylvania Avenue. You know, just around the corner from the White House and I’ve been charging 225 for the last year, so the eyes of the lady, who is adamant that nobody will pay more than 135 in DC, now rule to anger right and I can see the math in Her head going well, if this has been going on for five years, I probably could have paid the mortgage off by now. So she goes okay! Well, if you are doing 225, I’m going to 195 interrupting. This is true.

Overcoming Fear and Shopping Around: The Impact of Amazon on Consumer Behavior

Sorry, if you know, the Trinity trip goes okay! Well, if you’re going to 195, I’m going to 245, all right; Jake from nipples chaps up at this point, he goes, well screw you if you, sir, all gone to that level, I’m going to 225 as well – and this is what was going on in the room Right so issue and again all back to the beginning of the talk. This fear is correct. It’s the fear that, like this, just is not going to work for me and the concern overcome when you do get in a room with people like this, and you start to see that other people have been through what you’ve been through. So, back to this sort of price, okay, it’s in my town, and everybody wants to shop around. You can thank this wonderful thing called Amazon for shopping around, okay? So I want a new TV. What do I do? I go to Amazon? I type 50-inch LCD. What happens next? How many options do I get hundreds critically what my behaviour for the next 10 seconds, 60 seconds, 60 minutes? Whatever do I shop in and out, yep I’m shopping around.

The Impact of Pricing on Websites: A Lesson in Consumer Behavior

What baffles me is why you think that the next morning at nine o’clock, they miraculously, in the absence of anything else, not going to do that to you it’s a habit. It’s a behaviour pattern that doesn’t – and I cannot say this enough – it does not change it. Does not flip, it does not switch a light on and off just because it’s back pain and it’s your clinic and we just want them to so stop by prices here and you will be killed by it. If you are priced on your website, get it off this one thing that you should do right now, if you are priced on your website, send a message to your web designer and tell the to take it off right now because you are at the mercy Of Amazon, how do you choose something on Amazon, the cheapest, probably eight out of ten times yeah? So if you have a price on your website, you’ve just put yourself into that category and in the absence of anything else, people will always default to the cheapest option that anything else is.

Strategic Differentiation: Separating Yourself from Other Providers in the Healthcare Industry

The thing should be keeping you awake at night, asking yourself the question: what is it, what do I have to do? What do I have to do to separate myself from the other providers in my town? There is a complete lack of understanding, of who their patient is, how little they know about what we do and how quick or slow they are to make decisions primarily because of the way that the PT profession was built, which was doctor referrals. We’ve assumed that all of these patients are created equal and welcome to the big bad world of direct marketing of health care, consumerism of people making choices, everybody and everybody wants to say in their decision-making process, and yet, when we give them the choice, did they want? It British government announced a few years back, something called it was the chief patient choice, patient-centred choice or whatever it was right now. This is interesting. As you know, these guys have come up with something else. Let’s see what they do to screw this one.

Patient Choice: Navigating the Challenge of Selecting the Right Provider for Back Pain Treatment

So patient choice came along and it meant that if you go to a doctor with back pain, okay, traditionally he had gone he’s a referral, go see the local NHS physiology addict right. Now, no, it’s not as simple as that anymore. It’s here are ten names. Here are ten addresses choose your own. What are the chances of me getting that decision right, I’m a leg I or girl on the street. I know nothing. What are the chances of me getting that decision right of choosing the right provider if you truly understand the patient, this is what goes on? He goes home or she goes home. Let’s say to him: what did the doctor say? We said I’ve got back pain. What do you need to do? Do you need to get physical therapy? Alright good? Did he tell you where? Well, he gives me a list of ten. I don’t know which one to pick. Do you love it, which one should we pick?

Importance of Prioritizing Physical Therapy: A Macro Perspective

We would like to assume in our logic that they’ll ring all 10, but the reality is a screw it I’ll get around to that another day. I call them next week when I’ve got time, there’s a wonderful phrase and this sums up physical therapy. What gets what gets done anytime gets done. No time we are a generalist at a macro level. We can be done anytime. You want to know why people put off physical therapy to go and get their car done, because legally, they probably have to it’s, not a anytime. If I need an MOT or a service in Britain, I’m only taking my car in usually in my world. It’s like I’ve got about six hours to get the bloody thing stamped so because I have to get it done, it’s getting done. What with physical therapy, where at any time product and what gets done or what can get done anytime gets done no time how many people in here decided to come and then thought I must book those flights. I must book those flights to get the cheapest seat and then three months go behind.

Challenges of Booking Flights and Finding a PT: The Pitfalls of Procrastination and Abundance of Choice

It’s like I knew I should have booked that back in January. Everyone in the room me included. Luckily, Natalie does all of that stuff for us, but we still fight like cat and dog offer if you book those flights, yet no we’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow comes and goes, and now it’s a month on and the flight is not a thousand dollars anymore. It’s fifteen hundred dollars never experienced that PT’s the same ain’t no different. If it can get done any time and usually the ease of access to it, the West, we are at actually deciding on it. You want to know why that’s relevant because if I can book a flight anytime anywhere, I can book a PT anytime anywhere. I can search for one on my iPhone and I’ll bring up 15 different pts in this area. Within a 10 5 10 mile radius, an abundance of choice doesn’t always mean a successful outcome.

Understanding Decision-Making and Risk Aversion in Older Patients Regarding Financial Choices

If anything, it’s confusion, it’s the fear of getting the decision wrong and, as patients get to a certain age, particularly they’ve made so many wrong decisions to become risk-averse. They spend more time figuring out why something shouldn’t be done and is more likely to go wrong than it is to go right for them so factor all of that in they are very slow to make decisions over $ 100.I said it before an impulse decision is under $ 100. If you take me over $ 100, I need time I’m pulling time in a way. Harry comes up to me in the store, we’re in the super-fast or whatever. It’s called down the road and he says dad can I have the gun so he sees the toy super-soak a gun thing right. My first reaction is that I’m looking for this little label somewhere, which is the price yes or no. So if I see it’s $ 27.99 okay, we will go with that son if it’s a hundred and $ 27.99 because he wants the big Super Soaker thing. It’s ask: grandma, yes or no, it’s a birthday!

The Importance of Time in Decision-Making and Business Success

It’s a tree! It’s if you do all your homework. Whatever age, these kids, are you don’t know this is going on, and this is what I mean when you step outside of all of these things, and you start to see what you’re doing this is what your patience will do and it’s not because they’re cheap. It’s not because they’re tight, it’s not because they do not value their health. It’s because this is how fundamentally we’re hardwired to make decisions. If you want to go to TGI Fridays, it means that you want to go to TGI Fridays. This weekend might cost me $ 50. Let’s go if she says: hey: let’s go to Morton’s or Fleming’s, let’s pencil out one in for a birthday, because it’s two or three hundred dollars, potentially so whenever anything rises over and above – and this is what you two need to understand anything over 100 dollars. We put the time in the way by default, so the winners in business will go to the people who factor in time and you will be rewarded.

Unlock Business Success: Embrace Value-based Marketing Strategies

This is the thing that I always say when I, say it to businesses, you need to give them 20 minutes on the phone or you need to build a marketing system that allows three or four phone calls over six weeks before they say. Yes, they say: well, you know we haven’t got that in our business model or we haven’t got in our budget or we haven’t got that in our staffing capability, because we can’t afford it not yet. After all, your model screwed completely screwed massively royally against you. You have no chance of victory at all. It defies all logic, which is why the cash-based at Jerry’s out-of-network model allows you to start to dictate and set prices based upon giving value. You will always be rewarded for the value that you give and ultimately for the time that you give. So if I give 20 minutes on the front end, that allows me to charge 150 percent more than my competition around the corner.

The Importance of Time and Decision-Making in Professional Services

Who hasn’t figured this out? Yet so, when he’s been mourning and criticizing me to all his patients and asking how that guy around there charges twice three times as much as I am, he hasn’t figured out that the variable is not the logic. It’s not the skill. It’s the time on the front end, it’s the time in the follow-up system, it’s time in understanding that people need this to make a confident decision, and when I get them as patients, they are all in all in every one of you does it in every Walk of life, the longer that you take to decide once you’ve made the decision you what let’s go back to Amazon, so you spend a year thinking about getting a new TV right. You decide to buy the TV, and it’s like I just want this tomorrow and you get quite ratty at the fact that the TV is 12 hours or 24 hours later than it should have been delivered. But you took 24 months to figure out how to buy one, yes or no. That’s what we do.

Unlocking Profitable Growth: Understanding the Decision-Making Process

That’s what they do and that’s what they will always do so, the time that they take six months to decide once they’re in and as a result, they often pay higher prices and they stay for long that there are only three ways To grow a business, bring more people to your business, raise the rates and get them buying. More often, if you can’t do the last two, it’s a complete waste of time, and completely inefficient. The first one is everywhere I go. Everybody is obsessed with more patience, more patience for most people in this room, it’ll be the latter, the final two, and if you figure out how to do that, which is all of this stuff, you will be more profitable, insanely, more profitable for less hassle. So last couple lack of understanding of the importance of the order in which people move along in the decision-making process. Give you a quick example. So everywhere I go again on social media on Facebook.

The Importance of Understanding the ‘Why’ Behind Exercise Recommendations for Physical Therapy

Right now, every physical therapist wants to put up ten exercises for Elio Sauce or ten exercises for patellar tendonitis or ten exercises for peroneal tendon problems. Good you’ve. Just given me the how failing to understand that human beings need to understand the. Why then, the walk, and then I buy the how it’s lazy, its lazy as [ __ ], it’s the worst and most ridiculous thing that I’ve seen anybody do and on social media right now is give away their exercises. If that’s your pull, you’ve missed the. Why?I don’t buy anything until I understand why I need it, so if you want to put out exercises for sciatica you’re, assuming that I understand that I have sciatica on a macro level again, this is the fault of the profession. On a macro level, the people that come to you who are yeah, I need help for sciatica for everyone who knows they have it there’s a hundred who has a problem that gets worse when they stand up.

Challenges in Diagnosing and Treating Back Pain: The Need for Better Understanding

There is a hundred who have a problem that they can’t figure out why they’ve got this horrible Bandhan pain in the back of their calf on tongue, numbness and pins and needles in their tour and care for the life of them. Think why the doctor said they that they’ve got a back problem when they’ve got pain in their leg, you do a Google go on google analytics and work out. The number of people searching for physical therapy for everyone, you’ll have a hundred searching for what do?I do to ease back pain, symptoms of back pain and yet everybody’s website is a physical therapy website, the best one. It’S always the best.I’M good you’ve just narrowed down the number of people who potentially will do business with you by about a hundred percent. Let me know how that business goes again, a complete lack of understanding. We haven’t reversed the model because the doctor referrals there, nor of an in-network business, they know that they’ve got sciatica.

Opportunity to Tap into the Needs of Foot Pain Sufferers: Educate and Connect

The biggest area of opportunity for businesses in here is to tap into the other. Ninety nine, who know that they have a problem in their foot but can’t figure out why and if you can help those people, Jerry is right, they’re, the ones who don’t ring up and say: what’s the price? What’S the Internet’s like you identified with me, you get me, you seem to tell a story better than anybody else I buy from you. If you educate me around the. Why so you pull out on a Facebook or a social media post, it would be hey here’s. Why you wake up on a morning in the fetal position, and you think I wonder if my back pains gone and then when you stand up or you get yourself very slowly in tentatively to the edge the bed and you go from a sit to stand position. This horrible pain in your leg returns. It shoots all the way down your hamstring into your calf and causes that burning tingling, numbness sensation into your toes. Does that sound like you good?

Unique Approach for Sciatica Relief: Access the How and Personalized Support for Confident Decision-Making

If that’s you, then here’s what you need to do and then once I’ve, given you the what it also includes access to me, the how and it tells you how to get access to the how I just described a conversation that is going through somebody’s head with Sciatica without using the word sciatica and without using the words physical therapy, and I will charge five times as much as you will for putting out the exercises for sciatica and my clinic would beat you all day all day, because that person is able to make a Very confident decision on me and he’s basing the whole thing on one thing this person gets me probably bare, then he gets himself and if I’m able to tell that story on social media, I’m getting this business, I don’t get call pair questions.I don’t get money. Questions I don’t get on a micro-level one out of ten, yes, but again, everybody’s building their business for the one question. Well, it was a scenario in 2003 where this patient asked me this or well.

The Importance of Logic and Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare Practice

There was a scenario once where we did get a patient from the exercises that we put out in 2013; what’s going on since not much so, let’s not build our businesses. For that last one healthcare practitioner is excellent. You’ve spent five years being logical as hell. Your ass depends upon being logical. Your ask depends upon your ability to look at something, assess the danger of it critically, be aware of everything to do with our injury, this creature, this thing in front of you, this problem is symptom. This diagnosis they are hounding you and turning you into a logical human being. The problem is the creature in front of you is emotional and irrational as hell. It’s the best book I’ve ever read, predictably Irrational by Dan Airily. If you have a problem with patience, pushing back against you or staff pushing back against you, you need to read predictably irrationally. It sums this up.

The Importance of Emotional Connection in a Logical World: A Five-Year Journey of Reflection

The emotional connection is the default of the world and you’ve spent five years and then, however, many weekends on coned Casas thinking again that it’s all about the logic it it’s not it’s not going to help you. If you stay in that Lane, you

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